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    Cosmetology Training Program

    The company Repharm has developed the cosmetology training program which is be useful for cosmetologists, cosmetic managers, pharmacists and other cosmetic specialists, who are interested in receiving the actual information about Repharm cosmetic goods. Our cosmetology training course can be carried out at the partner’s place or be held remotely as a webinar. We provide all the participants with training handouts and self-control tests. After completing the course successfully the certificate is issued.


    Training Program Objective

    • Cosmetologists acquaintance with the Repharm product range;
    • The presentation on the scientific methods and medical ingredients that are used in the Repharm cosmetics manufacturing;
    • The Repharm production medication trial results;
    • The Repharm production advantages over their substitutes;
    • Recommendations for use.

    Training Program summary

    • Repharm cosmetics and their specificities;
    • Bisphosphonates, their properties and aspects of use;
    • Aspects of the use tablet, injection and local application medicine forms with Bisphosphonate;
    • Calcium and calcium exchange role and its functions, supporting and regulation;
    • The problems concerning calcium metabolic disorders;
    • Preventing calcium metabolic disorders;
    • Relation between Bisphosphonates and the calcium metabolism;
    • Calcium metabolism normalizing;
    • Peptides, their varieties, features, functions and objectives;
    • Peptide and Bisphosphonate cosmetic products analysis;
    • Medication trial results;
    • The use of the Repharm cosmetic products;
    • Botanical cosmetics and their features.


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