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    Cosmetics Wholesale

    The company Repharm is interested in partnership network developing and invites regional dealers, pharmacies, cosmetic shops and online stores for cooperation.

    Repharm cosmetics is sold throughout Russia in pharmacy chains, orthopedic supply stores, sport-goods shops, massage and beauty parlors.

    We attempt to make Repharm cosmetics available for every customer.


    About Repharm Cosmetics

    The Pharmaceutical Reagents Institute Repharm is a Russian medical cosmetics manufacturer, which produces a wide range of medical skin care products:

    All the coametic products are licensed and certified.

    The high quality of the Repharm cosmetics are approved by medical and cosmetic experts’ reviews, professional sportsmens’ reviews and clinical trial results.


    How to purchase cosmetics at wholesale prices

    Repharm offers to buy cosmetics EXW from the Moscow warehouse or CPT all over the world. We work with wholesalers and regional distributors.

    You can download the XML catalog in the Yandex Market format for uploading our products directly to your online store.

    The relevant price list can be ordered by the contact form below.


    Repharm cosmetics advantages

    The Repharm cosmetics is in demand for several reasons:

    • Our cosmetics price is available for the wide range of customers;
    • The highest quality of our cosmetics can be approved by our customers’ reviews;
    • We make medication trials of our goods and can vouch for every product efficiency.

    We are ready to cooperate, we know how to save our clients’ time and money. Cooperation with us is easy, convenient and profitable!

    Become a partner

    Please fill in the contact form below and our managers will get back to you soon.