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CA-VITACTIVE Calcium-Based Skin Cream
508 руб.

Aksinia Ca-Interactive Anti-Arthritis Sodium Hyaluronate Skin Cream
304 руб.

Aksinia Ca-Interactive Sodium Hyaluronate Anti-Wrinkle Cream
250 руб.

KSIGEL CA-CONTROL Rosemary Calcium Based Skin Cream
302 руб.

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About Us

The medical cosmetics Repharm contain Bisphosphonate, an active natural substance, which manages the calcium homeostasis, rids the body of excess salt, support joint strength, provides the motor system mobility and maintain elastic, fresh and smooth skin.

Using Repharm cosmetics is the way to the healthy wellbeing from young till old age. Our natural cosmetics make you act and feel better, provide healthy appearance and adolescence.


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