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KSIDENT Mint Strawberry Mouthwash Concentrate

KSIDENT Mint Strawberry Mouthwash Concentrate

Repharm KSIDENT Mint Strawberry Mouthwash Concentrate
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KSIDENT is an effective mouth washing on the calcium regulating agent base, which creates protective layer during its contact with a teeth tissue. Removes and prevents tartar and plaque. Contains bactericidal agents and works as anti-inflammatory and disinfectant medicine, relaxes sore gums and freshens breath. Does not contain preservatives, protects natural mouth flora. KSIDENT prevents tartar and plaque, protects dental enamel, strengthens gum and teeth, prevents caries and periodontological diseases.

Product designed in collaboration with Semashko Moscow Medical Stomatology Institute.

Water; Bisphosphonic Complex; Glycerin; Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate Dihydrate; Parfum; Sodium Fluoride; Sodium Saccharin; Polysorbate 80; Е-102; Methylene Blue.

Tooth elixir KSIDENT is created using Bisphosphonic calcium complex, which creates protective layer on a dental enamel, prevents bacteria growth and inhibits caries and periodontitis developing. Medical trials results fount KSIDENT applicable for treatment burning mouth syndrome cases. KSIDENT is a prize winner of national contest in nomination “Mouth care products”.

220 руб.


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