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    How to Study Cosmetology without Medical Degree

    13 Jul 2019 г.

    The Repharm company offers a wide range of educational courses about its cosmetic products designed for the different categories of students. There are specialized educational programs for cosmetologists without medical education. Besides that, these courses are suitable for the cosmetic products sales and consultants in cosmetic stores. Our educational programs contain useful information not only about Repharm cosmetic products, but also about a healthy lifestyle and skincare.


    About the Repharm cosmetic products

    The Repharm has been operating on the market of natural cosmetic for more than 20 years. Now Repharm is the number 1 brand in the production of high-quality botanical cosmetics based on the effective natural ingredients.

    Among the main components in the composition of the Repharm products are the following:

    • Bisphosphonates, the regulators of calcium metabolic processes in the skin, muscles and joints;
    • the Hyaluronic Acid and its more effective low-molecular substance, the Sodium Hyaluronate. It is the main natural skin moisturizers that preserves our youth and beauty;
    • Peptides, the regulators of intracellular metabolism;
    • The complex of the most effective essential oils that nourish the skin, maintain its firmness and elasticity;
    • The vitamin complexes;
    • The herbal extracts of medicinal plants, the use of which has been tested for centuries.


    The cosmetic catalog of the Repharm company is represented by a broad range of products for the whole family. Among the leading series are the following:

    • the natural hypoallergenic series of creams for children from a very birth;
    • the cosmetics for problematic teenage skin care;
    • the curative creams for sportsmen and active people;
    • therapeutic cosmetic products for the prevention and treatment of the musculoskeletal system diseases;
    • the cosmetic products for the figure shaping and anticellulite cosmetics;
    • series for the complex skincare at any age;
    • the botanical cosmetics for hands and foot skin care;
    • the hair growth stimulants;
    • the birch tar shampoos, shower gels, etc.

    The natural cosmetics by Repharm

    • Aksinia Ca-Interactive Anti-Arthritis Sodium Hyaluronate Body Cream

      € 4.84
    • PepTeens Teen’s Peptide Face Wash

      € 3.85

    What you can learn on the Repharm course for cosmetologists

    The training courses of the Repharm company are conducted by experienced specialists in cosmetology, PhDs and Doctors of Medicine. The focus is on the practical component. During study our students will be able to try Repharm products, test their consistency, texture and smell.

    On the Repharm courses you will learn:

    • the specificity of the Repharm cosmetics production;
    • the composition of Repharm products and the leading ingredients action details;
    • how to apply and combine various cosmetics by Repharm;
    • how to care about the different skin types and to neutralize various negative skin processes and diseases;
    • the basic directions of a healthy lifestyle;
    • the methods of prevention and treatment of some musculoskeletal system diseases using the curative cosmetic products.

    The natural cosmetics by Repharm

    • Birch Tar Peptide Shampoo for Women

      € 3.85
    • Baby Cream with Peach Kernel Oil

      € 2.20
    • Peptidele Anti-Cellulite Peptide Cream

      € 7.70

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