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    Hair Loss Treatment Gel “REFARM”, 250 ml

    Hair Loss Treatment Gel “REFARM”, 250 ml

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    Hair Loss Treatment Gel “REFARM” in a new package, a 250 ml bottle, contains a composition based on natural and synthetic biologically active compounds: bisphosphonate complex and sodium phosphonformate, activators of cell metabolism in hair follicles, plant extracts of madder dye roots, burdock roots, nettle leaves, hop seed fruits, flax seeds containing phytoncides, vitamins, tannins and protein substances, organic acids and mineral salts. The gel heals the scalp, strengthens weakened hair and accelerates its growth.

    Water/Aqua; Glyceryn; Propylene Glycol; Triethanolamine; Carbomer; Madder (Rubia Tinctorum) Root Extract; Arctium Lappa Root Extract; Urtica Dioica Ex-tract; Humulus Iupulus (Hops) Extract; Linum Usitatissimum Extract; Bisphos-phonic Complex; Trisodium Phosphonoformiate; D-Panthenol; PEG 40 Hydro-genated Castor Oil; Methylparaben; Methylchloroisothiazolinone/Methylisothia-zolinone; Parfum (Fragnance).

    The substances contained in the madder dye extract (anthraquinones and their derivatives) in combination with a bisphosphonate complex give a powerful impulse to hair growth, heal the scalp and improve metabolism in hair follicles. Hair growth stimulator gel stops premature hair loss, stimulates hair growth, improves scalp condition, relieves irritation and itching, strengthens the hair structure, prevents breakage and splitting. The gel has a long-lasting and modeling effect, it can be applied once a day to heal the hair and style the hairstyle.

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    Cosmeceuticals, Hair Loss Treatment

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