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Frost and Wind Protection Face Cream’s Best Formula

8 Sep 2017 г.

In winter the skin may be damaged by extreme temperatures, cold air, harsh wind, dry air in the heated and air-conditioned rooms that can lead to the drying, itching, exfoliating, reducing metabolic processes and lack of nourishing and moisturizing. It especially concerns face and hand skin. The solution of the problem is in using special protective winter cosmetics.


What problems should a winter cream solve?

If the frost and wind protection face cream has a perfect formula, and is applied correctly it can solve a wide range of issues like the following:

  • Protects from the temperature fluctuations;
  • Protects from the discomfort influence of frost, wind and snow;
  • Prevents skin from over drying in the conditioned air;
  • Protects skin from frostbite;
  • Protects from weathering;
  • Nourishes and moisturizes skin.

Wind and frost protective creams by Repharm

What formula should a protective cream have?

The winter skin protective cream should be oily and viscous and contain nourishments and natural additives, natural oils, vitamins and TEWL-reducing ingredients.

  • Animal fats can protect skin from weathering and prevent TEWL;
  • Silicones and polymers create a protective layer on the skin surface. It should be noticed that though in summer these ingredients are unwanted, in winter they can be considered beneficial. Don’t forget to cleanse skin after going out and use some nourishing cream;
  • Natural oils deeply nourish skin;
  • Allantoin and panthenol regenerate damaged skin and reduce irritation;
  • Vitamins soften and nourish skin;
  • Glycerin and Sodium Hyaluronate moisturize skin.

Besides that, protective winter creams should contain herbal essences for relaxing skin and natural fats and oils for protection from frost and wind.


How to apply a winter skin cream?

Protective winter cream should be applied correctly to prevent some unwanted consequences like the pore clogging.

  • Apply protective winter cream 40 – 60 minutes before going out. Oily cream needs some time to absorb;
  • After coming back cleanse face skin and rinse off the rest of the cream;
  • Apply light face cream on the oily or normal skin and more viscous cream on the dry skin;
  • Protective winter creams and ointments should not be used as a night cream.

Russian cosmetic manufacturer Repharm offers a wide range of winter protective cosmetic products with natural herbal and animal oils for the effective skin protection. These cream also perfectly nourish skin and improve its elasticity.

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