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Peptide cream: the survey of the most effective cosmetic products

17 Aug 2017 г.

Peptides is one of the most popular and important directions of modern cosmetology. These substances proved their efficiency in keeping the skin young and beautiful.

Peptides are short low-molecular aminoacid chains, which may contain from 2 to 10 amino acids. The peculiar feature of this substance is that it is able to penetrate into the deep layers of epidermis and activate biochemical recovering processes. Peptides are the sort of inspector of cells fission and maturation; they correct and improve this process.


What are the functions of peptides in cosmetic

  • stimulate collagen development, prevent its destruction;
  • activates the synthesis of enzymes, which protect the skin from the influence of toxic radicals, increase antioxidant protection of epidermis;
  • improve the development of melanin, which helps to even out the skin tone and to lighten even the marked pigmented spots;
  • stop inflammation processes, increase the regenerating function of cells;
  • improve blood circulation and the blood vessels’ tonus, making them elastic;
  • break down fat deposit;
  • remove toxins from subcutaneous layer;
  • smoothen wrinkles, fight against aging processes;
  • being a natural structural body component, peptides don’t cause allergy and don’t have any contraindications;
  • help to heal wounds and micro cracks;
  • help to relax facial muscles;
  • improve the immune functions of the skin;
  • have anti-inflammatory effect;
  • soothe the skin and prevent irritations;
  • have anti-edema action;
  • transfer nutrients into the deep skin layers.

Creams with peptides by Repharm

What are the kinds of cosmetic products with peptides

As well as hyaluronic acid, peptides are also widely used in cosmetology and cosmetic products. In cosmetology peptides are used in such beauty procedures as mesotherapy, biorevitalization, ultraphonophoresis, laser resurfacing, etc. All these procedures are very effective, but, at the same time, they may cause pain feelings and there is a risk of edema and redness.
Using peptide cosmetic products of topical application, such as creams, gels, lotions, ointments helps the skin to improve gradually and causes long-lasting effect. Cosmetologists subsume peptide cosmetic under one of the most popular anti-age products. Cosmetic with peptides not only reduce visible age changes, but also freeze their development and improve the general skin health.

The Repharm company manufactures a large series of cosmetic products based on hexapeptides, which proved their efficiency in laboratory tests and in practice, and have positive feedback either from medical and cosmetology experts, or from usual customers. Among them are the following products:

  • teenage gel for problem skin with peptides PepTeens, which provides the sensitive and problem skin with total care, helps to absorb sebum and contract the pores, has anti-inflammatory, soothing and softening action, heals microcracks;
  • anticellulite peptide series — body creams Peptidele, Pepper Thermo Massage — reduce ‘orange peel’, lift the skin, make it firm and elastic, have antioxidant action;
  • cream for active living Pepksicream Calcium-control — nourishes the skin, saturates it with useful minerals, improves skin elasticity, stimulates metabolism;
  • eye cream Repharm — nourishes the skin, moisturizes, prevents wrinkles development and reduces the existing ones;
  • lip balsam Repharm — softens and heals the cracked skin, makes it firm and elastic.

Creams with peptides by Repharm

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