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How to make lipstick at home

5 Oct 2019 г.

Lipstick manufacturing is a process consisted of several simple stages, which can be easily executed at home. Moreover, lipstick manufacturing doesn’t require a lot of money, and it has such a significant advantage as 100% naturalness of ingredients. A manufacturer can pick and vary ingredients according to desirable end product. A premium can be placed on moisturizing, nourishing, skin protection, fight with aging.


What ingredients can be homemade lipstick made of  

There are a lot of various formulas of homemade lipstick. You can combine and interchange some ingredients, but there is a basic content, as general:

  • solid base: beeswax, candelilla wax, palm wax, carnauba wax, or shea, cocoa and coconut butter;
  • natural oils (tea tree oil, peach-kernel oil, jojoba) and encapsulated vitamins (А, Е, С): make lipstick glazy and also nourishing, moisturizing, protecting, etc.;
  • coloring agents: create tones (cinnamon, cocoa, alkanet, etc.);
  • sweeteners and perfume.

A proper lipstick structure looks like this:

  • 30% natural oils;
  • 40% butter;
  • 30% wax.


Stages of lipstick manufacturing at home

To make lipstick at home you will need the following equipment:

  • kitchen utensils for cooking on steam bath;
  • dosing spoons and syringe;
  • wooden spoon for mixing;
  • casting molds;
  • containers for packaging (cans, tubes).

The technology of lipstick manufacturing is standardized and doesn’t depend on its formula:

  • measuring of needed portions of ingredients;
  • melting of wax and mixing it with butter and oils in the tank for heating on steam bath (don’t let it boil);
  • add oils, vitamins, coloring agent, perfume and sweetener to the hot mixture;
  • stir it thoroughly;
  • draw the mixture up with a syringe and distribute into the molds;
  • put the molds into refrigerator;
  • take the solidified lipsticks out of the molds and put them into the tubes.


Where to buy equipment for lipstick production

As it has been described above, almost all necessary equipment for lipstick production can be found in any kitchen. You will only need to buy casting molds and tubes.

The Repharm company offers not only good natural cosmetic products, but also its in-house development – the equipment for lipstick manufacturing. These are compact molds with a capacity of 136 pieces, which may help either to manufacture lipstick at home, or to start small business.

The casting molds by Repharm have the following advantages:

  • their quality is equal to foreign analogues, and at the same time they have low cost;
  • this equipment was developed relying on in-house lipstick manufacturing experience and it has high performance;
  • the molds have low weight and compact two-piece design, which can be easily put into a standard refrigerator;
  • mirror-like surface of molds allows to make a product similar to the one, manufactured automatically.

Molds by Repharm can be used also for industrial manufacturing. Running one mold you can produce 136 identical lipsticks per 1 hour, 500–1088 pieces – per 1 standard week day. Besides that, the Repharm company produces custom-built casting molds for lipstick manufacturing according to special needs.

Lipstick producing

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