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    New! Repharm has extended the teenagers cosmetic series!

    7 Nov 2017 г.

    The Repharm company strives to please the customers not only with the perfect quality and affordable prices on the cosmetic products, but with gifts and surprises which constantly take place. The next our gift is a new cosmetic line for the problematic teenager’s skin care.

    Many customers had a chance to appreciate the PepTeens Gel Repharm with the peptides in its composition. After getting lots of positive responses of the cream from the users and the cosmetic professionals, who had tried it, the Repharm cosmetologists decided to widen this product line and created a set of the cosmetic products for the teen’s skin care. The new line contains PepTeens shampoos for boys and girls, shower gels and washing foam.


    What issues can PepTeens cosmetics help with

    Uniqueness and high efficiency of the new teen’s cosmetic line lies in the cosmetic and curative effect, which is focused on the removing the negative environment influence and balancing the internal processes in the skin depth.

    Sensitive teen’s skin is a barometer of the hormonal changes, which may look unattractive outside. Almost everyone on their teen ages could face the acne, pimples and spots, which may have caused the great concern. The reason of these changes is in raising of the several hormones number, that encourage boosting of skin oil glands functioning. The skin pores become much wider, so sebaceous ducts can’t succeed in excreting the sebum excess and get clogged. As a result, skin gets the oily shine and develops inflammations. Besides that, it encourages reducing of the skin immune properties and skin becomes very vulnerable to the pathology microorganisms influence, which can penetrate the skin depth and cause different infections.

    The new teen’s cosmetic series is specially designed for the neutralizing of these unwanted occurrences. The balanced complex of natural and useful ingredients, needed for the teenager’s skin, can encourage the following actions:

    • Provides skin with deep and careful cleansing and neutralizes the dangerous bacteria;
    • Normalizes intracellular exchanging processes;
    • Removes the sebum excess, thus removes the skin oily shine;
    • Regulates the sebaceous glands functioning;
    • Relaxes skin and reduces inflammation;
    • Prevents inflammations and rash;
    • Fills in skin with vitamins and nourishments.

    Shampoos by Repharm can effectively strengthen the hair follicles and shafts and encourage their active growth. All the products of this line have a pleasant odor, good foam, simple in application and removing with the warm water.

    Peptide teenager’s series PepTeens by Repharm


    • PepTeens Teen’s Peptide Shower Gel for Boys

      330 руб.
    • PepTeens Teen’s Peptide Shower Gel for Girls

      330 руб.
    • PepTeens Teen’s Peptide Face Wash

      350 руб.

    What is PepTeens cosmetic products made of

    The leading components in the new cosmetic series are peptide chains, a newly discovered compounds in the aesthetical medicine and cosmetology. These natural substances are similar to the peptides, which every human body is made of, and they have a unique ability to normalize and optimize the cell division processes, thus preventing developing of many negative consequences.

    Peptides in the teen’s cosmetic series by Repharm normalize sebum developing, prevent inflammations appearance and effectively heal existing ones. The herbal extracts of chamomile, calendula, yarrow, aloe vera and nettle have an antiseptic effect, relax irritated skin and fill it with the nourishments. D-panthenol heals and glycerin effectively nourishes skin.

    New teen’s cosmetic line by Repharm is a natural care of the problematic teenager’s skin!

    Peptide teenager’s series PepTeens by Repharm

    • PepTeens Teen’s Peptide Shampoo for Boys

      340 руб.
    • PepTeens Teen’s Peptide Shampoo for Girls

      340 руб.
    • PepTeens Teen’s Peptide Gel for Acne-Prone Skin

      330 руб.
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