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    How to Choose Beneficial Baby Cream?

    11 Sep 2017 г.

    It is quite easy to answer the question “What baby cream to choose?”. It is a cream that can perfectly moisturize skin, protect it from harsh weather conditions and prevent developing of diaper rash, inflammations and exfoliating. More difficult to find baby cream that meets these requirements.


    Specificity of baby skin

    Before choosing baby cream, try to figure out differences between baby and adult skin. They are different enough to replace baby cosmetic products with adults’ ones. Baby skin is much thinner and has a lower sensory threshold, internal skin processes in baby skin are not balanced yet, immune system doesn’t work properly and a lipid layer is still not created.

    This is why every minor external change and internal disbalance may lead to the irritation, rash, itching and sometimes cause dermatological issues.

    Main common factors to provoke baby skin issues are the following:

    • Dry air in the central heated or air-conditioned rooms;
    • Hard water;
    • Skin prone to allergic reactions;
    • Prolonged wearing of diapers or clothes;
    • Harsh cloth;
    • Use of inappropriate baby cosmetic products.

    Winter time is more problematic in this sense because baby should be always dressed. The good decision is to use add baby oil to baby cream to nourish and moisturize skin with special oily ingredients, which can also protect baby skin with a protective screen on the skin surface.

    Baby cosmetic products by Repharm

    • Baby Cream with Peach Kernel Oil, 50 g

      € 2.30
    • Baby Oil with Peach Kernel Oil, 200 ml

      € 4.60

    How to choose beneficial baby cream

    If baby’s skin is healthy and does not have any issues, use all-purpose baby cream. It can provide skin with complex skincare and be used under diapers, for face skin protection during going out and as a nourishing and moisturizing product for the entire body skin.

    What to pay attention to then choosing baby cream?

    • Beneficial baby cream should contain only natural ingredients like natural olive oil, peach and grape kernel oil, panthenol, herbal extracts of calendula and chamomile, vitamins;
    • Purchase baby creams in pharmacies and cosmetic shops. Medical and cosmetic specialization can guarantee proper origin and storage. Violation of the storage condition can shorten the shelf life time of the product, that is inappropriate for baby cosmetic products.
    • Ingredient list is sorted by the concentration, main ingredients are on the first places;
    • Leakproof packaging is preferred. Check up the protection foil on the tube or the jar;
    • Color and odor should be natural. Excessive use of colorants and odorants is unwanted, because they can cause allergic reactions;
    • Pay attention to the age requirements, baby cream for 3-year-old may not fit the 1-year old baby.

    Russian cosmetic producer Repharm has a baby cosmetic line that contain baby cream, baby oil, baby shampoo etc. All baby products contain natural oils, chamomile and calendula extract, D-panthenol, vitamins, they are all hypoallergic and indicated to use from the first days of life. Repharm baby cosmetics is recommended to use by leading medical centers of Russia.

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