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    Anti-Cellulite Creams with Peptides

    21 Sep 2017 г.

    Although cosmetologists refer cellulite to just a cosmetic defect, however, women use a great variety of products in struggle with the hated “orange peel”. With good reason, cellulite makes your legs very unattractive, and makes you forget about short skirts, tight pants and leggings.

    By the way, many people mistakenly think that only those who like to eat and have a couple of extra kilos suffer from cellulite. However, it is fundamentally wrong, according to statistics, skinny women, true adherents of diets, and even models suffer from cellulite.

    What is the cause of cellulite

    Doctors have been studying this problem for almost hundred years, but so far, they have not come to a consensus what is the cause of cellulite. Nowadays, it has become known for sure that it can appear due to metabolic disorders under the skin and in small vessels. Thus, the mechanism of cellulite formation is approximately the following. Subcutaneous fatty tissue is a cellular structure, separated by some connective septa, which allow this tissue to be evenly distributed. According to several factors, these septa become weak and cannot sustain the structure uniformity. Therefore, the fatty tissue loses its uniformity, in some places, it starts bulging, and in others, the voids appear. The alternation of such voids with tubercles of fatty tissue creates the well-known effect of ‘orange peel’.

    The most common causes of cellulite are:

    • Hormonal system disorders. When the level of certain hormones increases, metabolism slows down and harmful substances under our skin are accumulated faster than they are removed.
    • Improper nutrition. Fatty, salty, fried, smoked, pickled food, excess salt and sugar complicate the functioning of the liver, which does not manage to cope with body cleaning.
    • Insufficient intake of liquid also complicates the metabolism process and the body cannot cope with its own cleaning.
    • Eating large servings at a time. In such situation, the body does not have time to activate the metabolism in order to process and remove excess fats and carbohydrates from the body, which are accumulated in problem areas.
    • Excessive drinking and smoking. Alcohol promotes liquid retention in the body, while nicotine constricts blood vessels and prevents the normal oxygen flow to the cells and slows down the metabolism process.
    • Sedentary lifestyle forms congestion under the skin and prevents the elimination of toxins.
    • Frequent stress. During stressful situations, the brain activity is inhibited, thus, it is not managed to control the body processes, including metabolism.

    The most common cellulite locations are the thighs and buttocks, but sometimes it can appear on the abdomen and arms. The body has chosen these areas not by chance, as cellulite is nothing more than fatty tissue; therefore, the cellulite areas are those areas, where most often the fat appear.

    Anti-Cellulite Creams with Peptides

    How to get rid of cellulite

    It is considered that it is extremely difficult to get rid of cellulite. Sometimes people believe in it so much that they do not even try to struggle with cellulite, but vainly, as in most cases smooth and toned skin will not require great efforts. If you are engaged in getting rid of cellulite constantly and regularly, then even the simplest actions can bring you quick and stable result.

    Much depends on the cellulite stage. There are four of them:

    1. Cellulite is visible only when you squeeze the skin with your fingers. In such case, you will require systemic use of anti-cellulite creams and regular fitness;
    2. Cellulite mons are visible and palpable. Thus, in addition to anti-cellulite creams and regular fitness you should add massage as well as try to exclude harmful food and drink more liquid;
    3. Accumulation are clearly visible and prevent normal blood circulation and muscle contraction. In such case, you should add special intensive massage techniques and systemic sports;
    4. Cellulite causes muscle and nerve atrophy, which can be identified by a bluish skin tone. In such situation, the problem is rather difficult and can be solved only comprehensively: anti-cellulite products, massage, sports, diet, and body wraps. At this stage, it is better to be under medical supervision.

    Anti-cellulite cream is a product that is rather useful at all stages of struggling with the ‘orange peel’. In light cases, it can be enough to use only this product. In more difficult cases, when you require massage and anti-cellulite wraps, anti-cellulite cream can significantly improve the effectiveness of these procedures.

    Anti-Cellulite Creams with Peptides

    Which anti-cellulite cream is more effective

    Active elements, which interact with cellulite, are caffeine, camphor, red pepper, algae, vitamin complexes, as well as essential oils: eucalyptus, lemon, sage, geranium, horse chestnut, ivy, horsetail, hawthorn, hypericum, etc.

    Peptide compounds have proven their effective influence on the ‘orange peel’. Peptides are chains of amino acids, they are much smaller than proteins (which also consist of amino acids), and thus, they can easily penetrate into the deepest layers of your skin and provide a positive effect.

    Nowadays, peptides are one of the most popular trends in cosmetology. These unique elements have a great variety of possibilities with positive effect on our skin, enhancing the processes inside it:

    • improve metabolism;
    • improve blood circulation;
    • eliminate stagnant liquid;
    • maintain skin tone;
    • restore affected cells;
    • stimulate collagen and elastin production;
    • heal wounds and relieve inflammation;
    • increase skin immunity.

    The complex of peptides is truly irreplaceable in process of struggling with cellulite. Therefore, peptide compounds are natural product No. 1 in solving the problems of getting rid of the ‘orange peel’.

    Anti-cellulite cosmetic products by Repharm

    The anti-cellulite creams contain enhanced caffeine concentration to reach anti-cellulite effect. Caffeine may form whiskers, which instantly dissolve while rubbing the cream in the skin.

    • Peptidele Anti-Cellulite Peptide Cream, 150 ml

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    • 90-60-90 Anti-Cellulite Cream with Essential Oils, 150 ml

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    Where to buy anti-cellulite cream with peptides

    The Russian manufacturer of natural medical phytocosmetics, Institute of pharmaceutical reagents REPHARM, has developed a series of peptide-based anti-cellulite products. Anti-cellulite cream Peptidele has already received many positive reviews. Women who have used it personally recommend it, and this product has also received excellent reviews from massage specialists of beauty and health centers.

    Anti-cellulite cream Peptidele is patented, its effectiveness is proven by clinical testing. It has all required expert testimony and quality certificates. Peptidele belongs to the category of natural medical and cosmetic products and is sold only via the pharmacy network.

    The product composition is carefully selected and balanced. The peptides are complemented by the most effective anti-cellulite elements, such as caffeine, extracts of horse chestnut, brown algae, camphor, essential oils of lemon, geranium, and sage.

    Peptidele can be used as a standalone anti-cellulite product or as a cream for massage. Its use significantly increases the effect of anti-cellulite wraps.

    Anti-cellulite treatment

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