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The Ice Swimmers Cup of the Capital 2017

20 Apr 2017 г.

1 April the “Ice Swimmers of the Capital” club conducted the local ice swimmer’s tournament to mark 2-year club anniversary and the closing of winter season 2017. More than 100 professional sportsmen and amateurs took part in swims on the open water. The event was supported by Moscow authorities and co-sponsored by the company Repharm.

All the participants of the competition were provided with a hot meal, sponsored with the orthopedic salons chain “ORTEKA”. The winners and prize-winners were awarded with cups, medals, ice-swimmers’ certificates and prizes, specially designed by organizers with participation of company Repharm. The children and participants with disabilities were also noted with awards.

The company Repharm provided swimmers with the special cosmetic products for the skin protection from low temperature and extremal weather environment.

The cold protection cosmetics by Repharm

Photo gallery of Ice Swimmers Cup of the Capital 2017

Event Sponsorship

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