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    Truth about 24-hour run or how to pass 200+ km per day. Igor Kurtepov at the Sri Chinmoy Marathon ‘Self-Determination’

    8 Sep 2017 г.

    The main objective of the longest official ultramarathons organized by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team is to go beyond your limits and bring your inner potential to the fore. 24-hour run is carried out not for ego demonstration, but for the sake of self-overcoming.

    One of such ultramarathons took place on August 19-20, 2017. Igor Kurtepov, the famous ultramarathon runner, the host of video blog Begoman, has shared his impressions after participation in that sporting event, the details of preparation and subsequent physical recovery. That ultramarathon brought not only the victory over himself, but also the victory in the overall standings of the competition. During 24-hour run of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon ‘Self-Determination’ Igor took the third place with the score of 211 km 214 m.


    How to pass 200+km during 24-hour run

    “It is obvious that you cannot sleep or hang out with such results as you have to run the whole day,” says Igor Veniaminovich. However, besides the desire you should also have special training, strong health and endurance. Here are the key features for success at ultramarathon distances from Igor Kurtepov:

    1. Have the high overall endurance for running 24 hours at a low heart rate while maintaining rather high running pace.
    2. ‘Power up’ specific endurance: pass good training distances for a certain time before the start in order to bring your body to the peak form, then immediately before the start reduce these distances in order to ‘take off’ at the very start.
    3. Have all the required characteristics of your body: economical and correct running technique, general health and harmonious functioning of all organs, pumped ankle muscles, enduring calves, thigh quadriceps, etc.

    All information on preparation and equipment

    “I am a lazy person and a corporate slave, I am also a blogger, I have little free time, I have no opportunity or time to run 50 km every day,” shares Igor Veniaminovich. However, he has rather intensive trainings: 10-12 km daily, and up to 100 km on weekends. A month before the Self-Determination Marathon, there was a 107 km trial in Suzdal through mud, forests, fields and swamps, which made it possible to evaluate your power. On the eve of competition, as usual, careful preparation:

    • running shoes;
    • compression knee-highs;
    • compression shorts;
    • a minimalistic T-shirt of vest type and 2 spare ones with a short and with a long sleeve in case of cold;
    • 2 ribbon-bandanas for sweat absorbing and head cooling;
    • wristwatch;
    • heart-rate monitor;
    • sports sunglasses;
    • obligatory treatment of feet, fingers and places at risk of rubbing with Polar ointment of Repharm Company, which has already been tested in practice and has proven itself well during previous ultramarathons. Mink fat of this product is resistant to water and is not washed off;
    • food and drink – water, mineral magnesium water, coca-cola, redbull, isotonic, energetic, effervescent salt tablets, panangin, bananas, baby food, condensed milk, sports gels, dates, ascorbic acid, marmalade.

    Products of Repharm Company used by marathon runners

    • CA-VITACTIVE Calcium Body Cream, 70 g

      $ 7.65
    • Polar Mountain Ointment Sun Wind Frost Protection, 50 g

      $ 4.10

    How 24-hour run passed

    “The start was at 10 am. There were 54 participants. The first 8 km I ran rather easily, I decided to speed up, tried to keep my heart rate up to 140, as my experience shows that it is the optimal state at a distance of up to 100 km. Every half an hour I ate something, drank a lot.

    After 4 hours of running, the pulse began to jump and raised up to 156, while my health state was good, but you cannot run the whole day with such pulse rate, thus, I had to slow down. Despite this, I was steadily in the top ten. Due to the heat, I lost concentration, fell down. It was difficult to eat food. After the mark of 100 km, I was the third. Toward dawn, I had to fight for the third place with a less experienced, but younger opponent, former boxer Konstantin Chekulov.

    An hour before the finish line, the pace dropped, my legs almost did not run, I slowed down to a walk, my opponent fell behind by a few laps, there was no point in feeling sorry for my strength, as I did not have much strength left. All muscles were hurting, the upper thigh was cramping. The final push and the finish line. I got two awards: the second place in the age group and the third one in the overall standings. The race is over!

    Coming back home, I weighed in: I lost 7 kg; despite the fact that I drunk 8-9 liters during the trial. Body temperature rose to 37.2 degrees. I was able to go for the next short run of 4 km only on Tuesday, but on Wednesday I had a regular training.”

    Read the whole article on the website https://www.trilife.ru

    Learn more about Igor Kurtepov and his trials on his video blog Begoman.


    Repharm Company congratulates Igor Kurtepov on a successful run!

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