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    What equipment is needed for lipstick manufacturing

    13 Jun 2017 г.

    Lipstick production is a very good investment that doesn’t require a lot of money. The process of manufacturing can be carried out either automatically by assembly line technique, or at home. The list of needed ingredients is more or less identical:

    • wax (beeswax, carnauba, candelilla) – makes lipstick firm, glazy, forms a hard consistency;
    • fat (lanolin, mink oil) – makes the texture soft and homogeneous;
    • oils (castor oil) – forms a bold line and even distribution during application;
    • film-forming ingredients (silicone derivatives);
    • color base;
    • vitamins;
    • perfume;
    • herbal extracts.


    Automated lipstick manufacturing

    This is the way to make lipstick in industrial-scale volumes. This process requires the following equipment:

    • a tank for mixing and pasteurizing of ingredients;
    • a homogenizer for ingredients’ grinding;
    • molds;
    • a pump to fill in molds.

    The process of automatic lipstick manufacturing consists of several stages:

    • mixing of prearranged and measured ingredients;
    • melting of the mixture at low temperature;
    • grinding of coloring ingredients;
    • mixing of lipstick base with color agents;
    • casting into molds;
    • cooling-down of compound;
    • packaging.

    Lipstick manufacturing at home

    Almost all necessary tools for lipstick manufacturing can be found in every kitchen. These are tanks for heating on steam bath, measuring containers, wooden sticks for mixing, molds, tubes for packaging. The preparation consists of the following steps:

    • measuring of needed portions of ingredients;
    • mixing of ingredients in the tank for heating on steam bath;
    • heating of the mixture on steam bath up to 80 degrees;
    • adding of flavoring and coloring agents to the heated mixture;
    • packaging of mixture into the molds with syringe;
    • putting of the molds into refrigerator for setting.

    Equipment for lipstick manufacturing by the Repharm company

    The Repharm company offers not only good natural cosmetic products, but also equipment for lipstick manufacturing – compact molds with a capacity of 136 pieces. You can buy equipment for lipstick manufacturing by Repharm either for industrial-scale production, or for making lipstick at home. The molds is an in-house development, manufactured according to the production experience and to the modern market demands. This equipment has the following advantages:

    • it is compact in size and has low weight: the molds have been manufactured to meet the size of a standard refrigerator;
    • it is made of duralumin with mirror imaging of the lipstick sockets, which allows to make a high-quality product;
    • the ability to arrange piece-production, which is suitable for home lipstick manufacturing;
    • the ability to arrange industrial-scale production (to 1088 pieces daily, to 24000 – monthly);
    • high performance;
    • good quality equal to the foreign analogues;
    • affordable cost.

    Besides that, the Repharm company offers its services for start and adjustment of lipstick manufacturing production line, and for lipstick production under specific order as well.

    Lipstick producing

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