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    Ice Swimmers of the Capital took part in the Space Marathon

    13 Sep 2017 г.

    On September 9, 2017, in Korolev, there took place mass sporting trial the Space Marathon, in which 1,500 athletes from different countries participated. The oldest participant was already 84; the youngest one was only two years old.

    Among the marathon runners, there were five representatives of ice swimming club Ice Swimmers of the Capital, which traditionally took part in various national leading trials, demonstrating outstanding sports results. Trial in Korolev was not an exception; Ice Swimmers of the Capital took first three places.

    Thus, Ekaterina Nekrasova became the total winner among women at the longest marathon distance of 42 km. She was awarded a medal for the first place in her age group. Ekaterina passed the distance during 3 hours 30 minutes.

    It took 4 hours 45 minutes to pass the same way for the chairman of the club Natalya Seraya and it brought her the victory among women of the senior age group.


    The club member Mikhail Ershov has ran the longest trial of the marathon with the raised flag Ice Swimmers of the Capital!


    Natalya Seraya about the Space Marathon

    The program of the event started at 8 am. That year, the marathon trials took place as part of the City Day celebration and became a part of its cultural program. The marathon was opened with demonstration performances of teams in various sports with the participation of world champions and Olympians. Guests and participants were greeted by the fiery rhythms of the Bara Bang. The youngest athletes were the first to overcome the 500-meter distance. Then the school-goers ran 1 km. 150 people wished to overcome the longest trial of 42 km.

    “The track started in the city, we were running along the blocked highway, and continued along the park road, immersed in the greenery of the forest, we could smell mushrooms … What else could a runner dream of? In my opinion, it was the most organized marathon in my history according to trial conditions,” Natalya Seraya characterizes the track.

    Volunteers provided support to the athletes throughout the distance. A great number of food stops with water, fruit and professional food for athletes – sports gels were organized: “I would like to say special words of gratitude to the caring volunteers surrounding us with due attention throughout the whole way. The organizers took care of food and its presentation. Very handy large glasses on food tables also served as containers for various drinks and chopped fruit. As a rule, during marathons, the feeling of hunger prevails, in Korolev there prevailed the feeling of satiety. Moreover, even after the finish line, everyone was handed a bottle of water, a can of non-alcoholic beer and a serving of hot pasta”.

    In addition, among other positive organizational aspects of the marathon, Natalya Aleksandrovna noted the presence of electronic chips for results recording, which were provided to the athletes at the start along with the number. The chips recorded the results after crossing each control mark, and at the finish line, the runner received an SMS with the data of his trial results. “In general, we managed to create a real holiday for marathon runners in Korolev,” Natalya concludes.

    Natalya Seraya about the products of Repharm Company

    Cosmetics of Repharm Company constantly accompany the club members during all sports events and competitions. The marathon in Korolev continued this tradition.

    Here is what Natalya Seraya says about the results of application of its products during the trials:

    Thanks to the use of Ca-control cream with peptides Body Cream Pepsicream Ca-control, I immediately improved the time of overcoming the marathon distance of 42 km by 20 minutes. In Samara in August, my result was 5 hours 8 minutes, in Korolev, 4 hours 46 minutes. Moreover, there is the noticeable difference according to the general condition of the joints. I applied it to all joints before the trial. That’s it. IT IS GREAT! Bravo to the Russian scientists, bravo to REPHARM!!! I dedicate my victory to YOU!!!

    In its turn, Repharm Company congratulates the club Ice Swimmers of the Capital with new sporting win!

    Sporting Creams by Repharm

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