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    What ingredients should a foot cream contain

    15 Aug 2017 г.

    Dry and calloused feet is a common and significant problem. Rough and calloused heels not only look unaesthetic; their skin is prone to cracks, which are difficult to cure. Everyday use of a good foot cream can provide your feet with essential care and prevent the development of various defects.


    What ingredients should a good foot cream consist of

    The efficiency of this cosmetic products depends on its formula. A good cream can solve several foot care problems, such as moisturizing, nourishing, skin softening, forming antiseptic, wound-healing and deodorizing effect, stimulating of skin metabolism, perspiration regulation, removing edema. To identify this product’s purpose and characteristics, you should know each component’s action. Here is a list of main effective ingredients, that should be in a foot cream.


    Softening action

    • shea butter, olive, jojoba, lavender oils – are among the best skin moisturizers, moreover, they get well absorbed and form deep action;
    • glycerin, lanolin – soften the skin and form a protecting barrier to prevent water loss.


    Regeneration and renewal of skin cells

    • bisphosphonate complexes — regulate metabolism processes on a cellular level, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, stimulate blood circulation, remove edema;
    • Alpha hydroxy acids (ascorbic, succinic, apple, glycolic acids) – have phytoncidal effect, help to heal cracks and micro damages, remove edema and inflammation;
    • extracts of horsetail and horse chestnut — strengthen the walls of blood vessels, relieve edema;
    • urea — regenerates the skin cells, prevents the development of micro damages and cracks;
    • absinth extract — heals cracks and injuries.


    Antifungal and antiseptic action

    • chamomile and calendula extracts — soothe, relieve swellings, have detoxifying property;
    • salicylic and boric acid — prevent the development of fungal diseases;
    • tea tree oil — has a strong antibacterial action;
    • eucalyptus oil — besides antifungal effect, it also has deodorizing action.


    Deodorizing action

    • peppermint, lavender oils, menthol.

    Foot cream by Repharm

    • Legs and Feet Tone Up Cream with Horse Chestnut Essenсe

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    Foot cream Repharm with a horse chestnut extract

    A cosmetic product for foot care Repharm — is a medicinal cosmetic licensed product, which is developed to solve various problems of the skin of feet and heels. This cream relieves fatigue, edema, burning and heavy feeling, has venotonic action, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, stimulates the metabolism processes and blood circulation, softens the skin, deodorizes and refreshes it.

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