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    Face Cream for Wind and Frost Protection

    18 Aug 2017 г.

    Everybody knows that winter influences negatively on the face skin. The crushing frost is not obligatory for this, even a warm European winter with the average temperature slightly below the zero can make harm. The reason is a dry air that has lack of humidity on the open air because of the frost and into the rooms because of the air conditioning and central heating.

    Healthy skin can rarely deal with these harmful conditions but usually they make it inflame, itch and scratch. These visible signs occur due to the skin dryness that can become flabby and prone to the fine lines’ appearance.


    How to treat face skin during the winter

    Due to the extremal environment conditions the skincare should be a little bit more attentive and intensive during the winter than in other seasons. The attention should be paid to collecting and using special protective cosmetic products, which can create a protective layer from the negative temperature changes and deeply nourish and moisturize face skin at the same time.

    Treating the face skin in winter note the following:

    • The washing should be better replaced with the soft cleansing with tonic, lotion or micellar water. Soup and alcohol-containing cosmetic products is better to avoid because they influence on the skin hydro-lipid layer, which is also vulnerable in winter;
    • Be careful with the moisturizing products, use it not later than an hour before going out because liquid in the moisturizers can freeze on the frost and harm skin surface. Cosmetic products based on the Sodium Hyaluronate and chitosan are most effective because they create the protective layer to prevent liquid evaporation;
    • Skin of every type is prone to the inflammations and irritations on the frost so every winter cosmetic product should contain soothing ingredients like green tea extract, chamomile, calendula, Aloe Vera, hypericum, yarrow;
    • Face skin needs extra nourishing during the cold season that’s why winter face creams should have in their composition vitamins and nourishing ingredients like olive, corn, cedar, buckthorn walnut oils or cocoa butter;
    • The skin regeneration is extremely important and ingredients for supporting it are Sodium Hyaluronate, bisphosphonates and peptides;
    • Wind and frost protection are the most demanded functions of the winter creams and the most effective ingredients for the skin protection are natural fats like lanoline, panthenol and bees wax.

    The perfect winter cosmetic product should contain all the mentioned ingredients in its composition. In this case it can guarantee the proper skincare and the effective protection from the negative weather influence.

    Protective winter cosmetics by Repharm

    • Mink Fur Face Cream Sun Wind Frost Protection

      290 руб.
    • Polar Mountain Ointment Sun Wind Frost Protection

      300 руб.
    • Triple Protection Antiviral Sodium Hyaluronate Chapstick Lip Balsam

      120 руб.

    The most effective cosmetic products for winter

    There are some highly effective cosmetic products for winter on the Repharm catalog: the peptide lip balsam, face cream “Mink fur coat for face” and the Polar ointment. These are clinically proven cosmetic products by Repharm for use in the extremal weather conditions.

    The composition of the balsams, creams and ointments is balanced for achieving the mentioned results and providing the complex skincare and skin protection. Among the active ingredients are bisphosphonates, Sodium Hyaluronate, peptides, natural mink fat, nourishing oils and vitamins and natural herbal extracts.

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