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What Best Creams for Feet and Heels Are Made From?

26 Aug 2017 г.

Feel and hells skincare should have as much attention as face and hands skincare. Neglecting the hygienic and cosmetic procedures can cause unpleasant feet skin appearance and develop some issues like fungus, infection, cracks and calluses.


What should a feet skincare routine consist of?

You don’t need any special efforts to keep feet well-groomed and attractive. Just remember of the feet skincare and do it regularly. There are just some things to do:

  • Wash feet twice a day, in the morning and in the evening using a special antiseptic soap to prevent bacteria contamination, fungus and infections. Don’t use too hot water to keep the natural lipid barrier and prevent skin from over drying.
  • Use feet cream in the mornings and in the evenings. A complex cosmetic product can be appropriate in common cases but if you have some issues with sweating, heel cracking etc. a special medication may be needed. Rub the cream into the entire feet including toes and the skin between them. To boost the result, keep the socks on during the night sleep.
  • Peel feet skin weekly because feet skin needs peeling more than other skin areas. Feet and heels have a thick epidermis that becomes rough because of being under constant pressure that is why regular peeling allows to reduce dead cells and makes skin soft and delicate. Use usual pumice stone after having steamed the feet skin during 10 minutes. Use also special cosmetical scrubs.
  • Massage feet every day before sleep at least during 15 minutes. The massage boosts blood circulation and prevents swelling. Use special essential oils or special feet cream

Leg and feet creams by Repharm

What ingredients should a feet cream contain?

Good feet cream should contain some hero ingredients like the following:

  • Lipid base of animal or herbal nature which effectively nourish skin, prevents callosities and cracks occurring;
  • Nourishments that restores the skin lipid barrier, reduce TEWL and removes irritation like Sodium Hyaluronate, D-panthenol, allantoin, vitamin B5.
  • Antiseptics like salicylic and boric acids
  • Anti-swelling and anti-inflammatory ingredients like menthol, mint, tea tree oil
  • Heating ingredients like red pepper, hypericum, juniper
  • Venotonic substances like horse chestnut extract
  • Healing substances like wormwood or D-panthenol
  • Metabolic normalizers like bisphosphonates


Russian cosmetic manufacturer, the Repharm company, offers some cosmeceutical products for the feet and heels skincare. These creams contain a wide range of natural ingredients for the complex skincare that soften and nourish feet skin, strengthen blood vessels, reduce swellings and tension, freshen and threaten heel cracks.

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