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What Russian moisturizing facial cream to choose

10 Jun 2017 г.

It’s essential to moisture your skin during the day at any age. The moisture is vital for the skin.  Dehydration causes not only external symptoms like peeling skin or tightness. The internal processes caused by the lack of moisture are much more severe. The overdried skin becomes crepey and vulnerable to deep wrinkles which are very hard to remove.


Why does skin become dry

The major skin dehydration factors are age-related changes and, as a result of it, epidermis cellular breakdown. It is caused by metabolic deceleration and lack of substantial skin elements production. One of these elements is the hyaluronic acid, a natural cellular moisturizer. The lack of it causes skin dryness, wrinkles and facial contours deformation. But the aging isn’t the only reason of skin dehydration. The large majority of dehydration factors are caused by our actions:

  • improper skin care: frequent washing, the usage of high-alcoholic cosmetic products, the excessive use of sebo-regulating and antiseptic cosmetics, which dehydrates the skin;
  • suntan overuse, either on the beach or in tanning room, as well as the long-term exposure to the low temperature, rude wind, temperature changes, long staying in the air-conditioned rooms and rooms with and central heating. All these factors cause quick dehydration. For this reason, it is very important to use UV protection products before sunbathing and highly moisturizing cosmetics after that;
  • inadequate water, fruits and vegetables consumption, bad habits, unhealthy dieting are also the reasons of skin dehydration.

Moisturizing creams by Repharm

What cream components moisturize the skin

  • hyaluronic acid — the natural skin moisturizer; it moisturizes even the deep skin layers, causes collagen and elastin production, prevents water loss, makes the skin resilient and reduces fine lines;
  • sodium hyaluronate — a molecule produced from hyaluronic acid; it has smaller size and due to this it can come through the deeper skin layers, it activates the producing of the hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin, and reduces strong aging changes;
  • bisphosphonates — normalize and boost metabolism, help cells regeneration;
  • glycerin — deeply nourishes and protects water loss;
  • olive and palm oils — nourish and moisturize, keep the skin in tone;
  • vitamins — nourish, reduce fine lines, protect skin from negative external effects.


Gentle hydrating cream Repharm #4 has been produced specifically for deep skin moisturizing. Well balanced formula with sodium hyaluronate, bisphosphonate complex, natural oils, vitamins and herbal extracts protect skin from dehydration. This cream deeply nourishes the skin layers, protects it from negative external influence, fights against aging, reduces fine lines and makes the skin soft and elastic.

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