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The Best Cream for Leg Muscle Pain Relief

9 Sep 2017 г.

Leg muscle pain can be caused by a number of matters like intensive workout, professional sporting, sedentary lifestyle or limited mobility, traumas, inflammatory conditions, tight clothes or shoes etc.

The common way to get rid of leg muscle pain is to use cosmetic products for local use, creams and ointments. They can help kill pain, reduce swelling, remove inflammation and redness, which can accompany muscle pain. These cosmetic products can also effectively prevent muscle pain occurring.


Sorts of creams for leg muscle pain relief

Creams for leg muscle pain relief can be distinguished into several categories depending on their composition and principle of action

  • Creams based on the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, NASID;
  • Heating creams with topical-product-induced irritation based on the red pepper, bees’ or snakes’ venom, some essential oils;
  • Ointments based on the salicylic acid id its derivatives;
  • Glucocorticoids based ointments for reducing inflammations;
  • Cosmetic creams with natural ingredients like essential oils and herbal extracts of horse chestnut, wormwood, lavender and natural metabolic boosters, bisphosphonates.

Muscle and joint pain relief cosmetics by Repharm

  • KSIGEL CA-CONTROL Rosemary Calcium Body Cream

    $ inf

How does the pain relief cosmetic work?

The spectrum of action of beneficial muscle pain relief cosmetics is quite wide. It includes such important features like reducing muscle pain and improving some metabolic processes in the muscles and joints:

  • blood flow stimulation;
  • balancing and regulation of metabolic processes;
  • inflammatory processes reducing;
  • damaged tissues treatment;
  • restoration of physical activity;
  • musculoskeletal system and muscles diseases prevention;
  • restoration of cartilage and bone tissue;
  • strengthening the blood vessels walls;
  • capillary permeability decreasing;
  • tonic and relaxing effect;
  • healing of skin microtraumas and microcracks;
  • boosting of metabolic processes.

Repharm designed series of natural cosmetic products for treatment some musculoskeletal system disorders, reducing muscle soreness, supporting muscle tone and metabolic processes during workout and sporting etc. These creams contain natural herbal components and bisphosphonates.

Muscle and joint pain relief cosmetics by Repharm

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