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What Is Peptide Cosmetic and How It Works?

31 Aug 2017 г.

Nowadays peptide cosmetic products are extremely popular. Though peptide ingredients appear on the cosmetic market relatively not a long time ago, they showed perfect efficacy and proved their beneficial features. Peptides rejuvenate skin on the intracellular level, reduce aging signs and prevents wrinkles’ appearance. But еру range of beneficial features of the peptide cosmetics is much wider than just rejuvenating.


What are peptides and how they work?

Peptides are natural amino acids that are used for building proteins. Peptides’ dimensions are less then proteins’ and larger, then amino acids’ and that is their benefit. The peptides’ size allows them to penetrate into the skin depth and nourish and moisturize skin’s deepest layers.

There are both natural and synthetic peptides being used in the cosmetic products, but most of peptides are commonly natural identical. This is good because natural identical products are much clearer than the natural ones and contain less impurities. In cosmetics peptides are usually being used as moisturizing agents. The beneficial features of peptides are the following:

  • Deep skin nourishing;
  • Regeneration and restoring skin cells;
  • Nourishments’ delivery into the deepest skin layers;
  • Encouraging toxins excreting from skin;
  • Reducing the fat depositing;
  • Threating the skin cracks and wounds;
  • Producing collagen and elastin.

Peptide cosmetics by Repharm

How to choose and use peptide cream

A big benefit of peptides is that they don’t have contraindications and limits in use. But the producer’s claims that this kind of cosmetics gives the instant result are overestimated, it usually takes some weeks to obtain visible results. But the results of the peptide cosmetic’s use are long-lasting and effective.

Here are some things to pay attention while choosing the peptide cream:

  • Peptide component should be placed on the first places in the ingredients list;
  • The other hero ingredients in the beneficial peptide cream are Sodium Hyaluronate, Retinol, ceramides, antioxidants, vitamins.
  • Pleasant odor without synthetic odorant ingredients;
  • Choose light cream texture for oily skin and the heavier one for the dry skin,

Russian cosmetic manufacturer, a Repharm company, offers a wide cosmetic line of the peptide products. We use our inhouse technologies to produce the best formulas that gain only perfect responses from customers. All peptide cosmetic products passed through the medical trials and proved their highest efficacy and safety.

Peptide cosmetics by Repharm

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