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    Cosmeceutical Calcium-regulating Body Creams

    22 Sep 2017 г.

    Calcium is one of the main minor-nutrient elements of our body. Everyone knows that the health of bones, teeth, nails and hair depends on it. But in fact, calcium implements a much wider range of tasks, it is responsible for correct functioning of the nervous system, heart, brain, muscles, joints, ensures blood clotting, and is responsible for the metabolic processes inside cells. In addition, the state of our skin largely depends on the proper calcium exchange and its amount: skin resilience and elasticity, required level of moistening and protection. Due to the fact that calcium implements so many important functions, disorders related to its metabolic processes lead to serious changes and diseases.

    Why calcium metabolic disorders occur

    According to expert researches, an adult required about 1 gram of calcium every day, and after 40, this figure starts increasing. At the same time, if by the age of 40, almost half of the world population experiences calcium deficiency and its metabolic disorders, then by the age of 60, already 90% of people face these problems.

    However, age is not the only cause of such disorders. The following factors greatly influence calcium metabolic processes:

    • physical activity;
    • frequent stressful situations;
    • sedentary lifestyle;
    • unhealthy diet: intake of sweet, salty, fatty, flour products, alcohol, coffee;
    • professional sports;
    • long-term use of certain types of drugs: hormones, laxatives, diuretics, antiallergic drugs, drugs of tetracycline group;
    • some diseases: diabetes mellitus, lack of vitamins, kidney diseases, thyroid disorders.
    Лечебный кальций-регулирующий крем для тела Рефарм

    Consequences of calcium metabolic disorders

    The majority of calcium is found in the skeleton, which entirely consists of calcium; it contains 99% of this element. Moreover, when calcium metabolic processes are interrupted, bones and joints suffer in the first instance. The reason is that in case of calcium deficiency, in order to make up its deficiency the body starts taking this element from those places where it is in excess, from the bones. Therefore, any calcium metabolic disorders can cause such diseases as osteoporosis, osteochondrosis, arthritis, and arthrosis. The first signs of calcium deficiency are joint pains, muscle tension after physical activity, prolonged motionless sitting at one place, sports activities, etc.

    The accumulation of salts also occurs due to calcium metabolic disorders, but has a different nature. The accumulation of salts is the crystallization of calcium in tissues, joints and under the skin; it is difficult to treat and it greatly reduces the quality of life. The accumulation of salts can result in pain during walking and limitation of joint motion.

    In addition, improper calcium metabolic processes are very harmful to our skin. In case of calcium deficiency, the skin becomes dry, irritated, and loses its natural immunity. Collagen and elastin fibers are destroyed, cell renewal slows down, and thus, wrinkles appear.

    Лечебный кальций-регулирующий крем для тела Рефарм

    What helps to regulate calcium metabolic processes

    There is a widespread belief that calcium deficiency can be replenished with the help of dairy products and special vitamin complexes. Indeed, they can help in solution of this problem, but they cannot be a panacea, as calcium is considered one of the most difficult to absorb elements. In order to regulate calcium metabolic processes, it is usually required to take a set of measures: vitamin complexes, special diet, intake of medications, and the use of special creams and ointments.

    The calcium-regulating cosmetics have proven themselves as a great mean for regulation of calcium-exchange processes. It can act as a complementary tool in treatment of bone and joint diseases or can be used to prevent and maintain calcium balance.

    In comparison with drugs, the great advantage of calcium-regulating creams and ointments is that they do not cause side effects and can be used continuously, in courses or whenever there is any discomfort in muscles and joints.

    The local manufacturer of natural medicinal cosmetics the Institute of Pharmaceutical Reagents Repharm provides a series of calcium-regulating products. Such products of calcium-regulating series as AKSINIA cream Ca-INTERACTIVE, KSI cream Ca-control, rosemary KSI gel Ca-control, cream for active lifestyle Ca-VITACTIVE have received a great number of positive reviews. In comparison with usual cosmetics, these creams contain a complex of balanced medicinal elements that help to regulate calcium metabolic processes of skin, muscles and joints.

    Such creams have been developed by Repharm Company; they are patented and have passes long clinical tests. These products belong to the category of curative cosmetics, have expert testimony, all necessary quality certificates and are sold only via the network of pharmacies.

    Calcium-regulating body creams of Repharm Company

    • Aksinia Ca-Interactive Anti-Arthritis Sodium Hyaluronate Body Cream, 70 g

      440 руб.
    • KSICREAM CA-CONTROL Calcium Body Cream, 70 g

      550 руб.
    • KSIGEL CA-CONTROL Rosemary Calcium Body Cream, 70 g

      440 руб.
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    How calcium-regulating creams function

    The calcium-regulating creams of Repharm Company consists of a bisphosphonate complex, which regulates calcium metabolic processes. Medical specialists call bisphosphonates the medications for bone and joint health, as they are able to retain calcium ions and block the cells destroying bone tissue. These elements help in treatment of such serious diseases as osteochondrosis and osteoporosis, arthritis, arthrosis, they also relieve pain, swelling, inflammation and muscle tension, which can be caused by various reasons.

    In addition, bisphosphonate complex of calcium-regulating creams is very effective in removal of accumulation of salts and prevention of their accumulation.

    Who is indicated for use of calcium-regulating body creams?

    Calcium-regulating creams of Repharm Company can be used not only in case of problems with calcium metabolic processes. Absolutely everyone who looks after his health can use them.

    During treatment of such diseases as osteoporosis, osteochondrosis, accumulation of salts, bisphosphonate creams are an effective addition to the main treatment. AKSINIA cream Ca-INTERACTIVE has received a great number of positive reviews. It is recommended not only by ordinary customers, but also by specialists of famous orthopedic salons, including the Russian orthopedic network Orteka.

    Calcium-regulating creams of Repharm Company are perfect for elimination of discomfort, pain and fatigue in muscles and joints after intense physical activity or sports. The cream for active lifestyle Ca-VITACTIVE is used by many professional athletes, as it activates the metabolic processes in muscles and joints and thus, helps to improve endurance.

    For the prevention of congestion in case of sedentary lifestyle, you can use KSI cream Ca-control or rosemary KSI gel Ca-control. They also help to cope with pain in case of various injuries, bruises and sprains, to relieve swelling and inflammation.

    In addition, all Repharm calcium-regulating creams effectively care for the skin: preserve its youth and beauty, make it resilient and elastic.

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