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    When to Use Medications Regulating Calcium Metabolic Processes

    19 Sep 2017 г.

    Many people believe that calcium is a minor-nutrient element required only for our bones and teeth. Indeed, it plays the defining role in the health of the osseous system. However, its importance for our body is much wider. Not a single cell of our body can fully function without this element. Calcium is responsible for the normal functioning of nervous system; it regulates heart activity and forms vascular health. Blood pressure, blood-clotting ability, proper functioning of kidneys, thyroid glands, and gastrointestinal tract depend on calcium metabolic processes. In addition, calcium is responsible for the skin youth and beauty.


    Why calcium metabolic processes are interrupted

    After 35-40, the calcium level in our body gradually decreases and there is occurred the slowdown of its metabolic intensity. This is a natural process and it occurs due to general age-related changes. However, there are a number of factors significantly aggravating the situation and contributing to the deficiency of this important minor-nutrient element:

    • sedentary lifestyle significantly slows down the calcium absorption by the organs of the digestive system;
    • constant water consumption with low calcium content. As a rule, the deficiency of this element in water is due to some processes of its purification and chlorination;
    • frequent stressful situations;
    • unbalanced diets and starvation;
    • eating of large amount of protein-rich food, salt, sugar: sugar slows down calcium absorption, while salt and proteins contribute to its rapid removal;
    • insufficient intake of fresh vegetables and fruits: it has been proven that in cooked and fried foods calcium is converted to inorganic. It is not practically digested;
    • long-term intake of diuretics, laxatives, antiallergic, anticonvulsants. They levigate calcium out of the body;
    • sports and intense physical activity also contribute to the rapid removal of this minor-nutrient element.

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    How calcium deficiency and metabolic disorders occur

    First of all, calcium metabolic disorders affect the condition of bones, muscles and joints. It results not only in the progression of such diseases as osteoporosis, osteochondrosis, arthritis, but also in spasms, muscle cramps, aches and pains in joints. In general, in case of calcium deficiency, you can experience tension, irritability. In addition, the poor condition of hair and teeth, brittle nails, skin flabbiness and dryness also indicate of the deficiency of this element.

    Prevention measures of calcium deficiency should be performed in the following cases:

    • sports activities;
    • intense physical activity;
    • sedentary lifestyle;
    • stress and chronic fatigue;
    • general weakness of body during transitional periods in spring and autumn;
    • in case of such diseases as oncology, diseases of gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, heart, diseases of central nervous system, etc.

    You can replenish calcium deficiency and regulate its metabolism not only with the help of special medications and diets, but also with skin care calcium-regulating products. It has proven itself not only in the course of treatment of various diseases of bones and joints, but also in the prevention of calcium metabolic disorders. The calcium-regulating creams and ointments consist of unique bisphosphonate complexes restoring and regulating calcium metabolic processes at the cellular level.

    Repharm Company provides a series of products based on bisphosphonates, which have passed clinical tests and have proven themselves in the course of treatment and prevention of such diseases as accumulation of salts, osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, arthritis, and arthrosis. They relieve pain in muscles and joints, swelling and inflammation, as well as activate metabolic processes. People going in for sports or experiencing intense physical activity can apply Ca-VITACTIVE body cream of Repharm Company, for the prevention of bone and joint diseases and congestion neutralization in case of sedentary lifestyle you can use rosemary KSI gel Ca-control, for the treatment of diseases related to calcium metabolic disorders use KSI cream Ca-control.

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