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How to Choose Protective Winter Face Cream

1 Sep 2017 г.

Face skin condition dramatically changes in winter because of the extremely cold and dry air that can lead to exfoliating, irritations and untimely wrinkles’ occurring. Everyday face cream is unsuitable for the winter season. Winter cosmetics should be heavier, oilier and provide face skin with the protection and nourishing.


The features of beneficial winter face cream

The following reasons influence on the face skin in winter:

  • Harsh weather conditions like cold rain, show, wind, extreme temperatures
  • Dry air at home and at the office because of the air conditioning and central heating;
  • Slowing down the internal biological processes in during winter season.

This is why winter face cream should create an efficient barrier for neutralizing these factors’ influence and prevent skin from occurring defects they provoke.

Use carefully moisturizing face creams during the winter. Applying the moisturizing creams should be better put off to the evening because the water base in the creams of this kind may freeze on the cold and harm the face skin.

The beneficial winter face cream should contain animal fats, natural oils, vaseline, lanolin, tocopherol and vitamin C. Take into account your activity:

  • If you need a base for make-up, use a light winter face cream that can be perfectly absorbed and can create protective layer on the skin. The cream of this kind will protect and nourish skin and support a make-up
  • If you are going to spend a long period of time walking, skiing or skating, you can use special winter ointment to protect face skin from freezing. The make-up can’t be applied to this king of cosmetics.

Winter face creams by Repharm

Which winter cream is more efficient?

The Russian cosmetic manufacturer Repharm offers a wide range of products to protect face skin in winter. The nourishing light cream Mink fur Coat for Face is perfect for everyday skincare and as a base for make-up. The Polar ointment is an efficient product for extreme sporting and harsh weather conditions. It can protect skin, heal microcracks, reduce irritation and swelling, soften rough skin. The peptide lip balsam protects lips, prevents drying, restores damaged epidermis.

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