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Birch tar as a natural antiseptic

30 Jul 2017 г.

A birch tar is a wonder product, which can treat a great number of diseases. Many centuries ago people in Ancient Rus treated various skin diseases, stopped bleeding, relived pain and inflammation, fought against parasites with the help of tar. Today this product is also widely used either in mainstream or in alternative medicine. This is caused by the fact that a birch tar has a complex and rich set of useful nutrients and microelements. A birch tar has a prominent antibacterial action, in fact it is an efficient natural antibiotic. But this is one of many other properties of this unique substance. A general list of its characteristics is much bigger.


What diseases does a birch tar cure

A tar is known as a thick and viscous substance of a dark color with a peculiar scent, looking much like resin. It is produced from birch bark. Among its useful ingredients are the following substances:

  • organic acids — have painkilling, toning effect, lower cholesterol level;
  • phenol compounds — have a prominent antiseptic effect;
  • betulin — have an antifungal and antiviral effect;
  • phormaldehydes, alcohol and dihydroxybenzene compounds, resins — fight with various germs, cancer cells.

A number of diseases, which can be treated by a birch tar, is very impressive. It can cure even the diseases, which have no efficient treatment in medicine:

  • lichen of various origin, otitis, catarrhal tonsillitis, seborrhea, tuberculosis, non-healing wounds, pressure injuries, burns, fungal diseases, freeze burns;
  • ulcer and many other gastrointestinal diseases, stomatitis, diathesis, gangrene, asthma, kidney stone disease, tumors, psoriasis, bleeding of various nature and intensity;
  • scorbute, smallpox;
  • can be used as a preventive antiviral agent and for immune system reinforcement.

Birch tar cosmetic products by Repharm

How does a birch tar affect hair and skin

Owing to its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antimicrobial and drying properties, the tar is very popular either in professional cosmetology, or as a home remedy. The tar helps to solve various skin problems and has a very positive effect on hair:

  • it can cure infected eruptions on the skin. While tar is able to suppress growth of bacteria, it can stop the spread of infection and acne suppuration;
  • regulates oil secretion, thus removing oily gloss and making the skin matte and velvety;
  • treats fungal skin diseases;
  • stimulates blood circulation, which improves wound healing and skin regeneration;
  • removes dandruff;
  • saturates cells of the scalp with oxygen and improves their regeneration;
  • fights with oily hair and hair loss;
  • improves metabolism and stimulates blood circulation in hair follicles, thus helping hair growth.

The Repharm company offers a series of hair and skin care products with a birch tar. These are man’s and woman’s shampoos, hair balsams, shower gels. A birch tar’s positive properties are complemented by peptide compounds, essential oils, vitamin complex and herbal extracts. All these cosmetic products are registered, clinically tested and received reports and high marks of experts from the leading medical centers.

Birch tar cosmetics by the Repharm company

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