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How Does Peptide Body Cream Function?

5 Oct 2017 г.

Cosmetics with peptides is one of the most popular areas of modern cosmetology. Specialists and cosmetologists call peptides a unique compound. They have been discovered relatively recently, but have quickly gained popularity and become the number 1 product in solution of various problems. There is no other natural product with such wide range of positive effects for skin. Their effect is compared with the effect of botox, collagen and elastin, only it is multiply enhanced. In addition, peptides are completely safe and do not cause any side effects.


How peptides function and how they help your skin

According to the structure, peptides are chains of amino acids, as well as proteins: collagen and elastin. However, the peptide chain of amino acids is much smaller than the protein one. If we speak about local cosmetics, the size of such compounds plays important role. Proteins are effective in solution of various skin problems, but due to their large size they cannot penetrate deeply into skin, therefore their effect is minimized. The size of peptides in such case is optimal. They perfectly penetrate the subcutaneous layer and provide prominent positive effect. The uniqueness of peptide compounds is their ability to restore damaged cells and activate their division. It significantly affects many processes occurring inside skin.

Peptides are included in cosmetics of various orientations. Among them are anti-aging face products, body creams regulating skin metabolism, anti-cellulite products, creams for problematic and teenage skin, products preventing pigment stains and many others. Such wide range of peptide cosmetics is explained by a great list of positive skin effects provided by peptides:

  • activate collagen production;
  • form a protective skin barrier;
  • help to produce melanin, which evens out skin tone and fights against pigment stains;
  • improve blood circulation and increase vascular tone;
  • remove slags and toxins;
  • heal wounds and micro-cracks;
  • fight against possible inflammatory processes;
  • relax facial muscles;
  • split fat accumulations;
  • increase skin immunity;
  • soothe irritated skin;
  • promote the transportation of useful elements to the deep skin layers;
  • activate metabolism.

Body creams with peptides of Repharm Company

What are types of body creams with peptides?

Due to the ability of activation of metabolic processes, blood circulation improvement, removal of toxins and slags, saturation with nourishing elements, peptides are effective not only in general skin care, but also in solution of cellulite and excessive weight problems.

The manufacturer of natural medical cosmetics, Repharm Company, has developed a series of body creams with peptides. These products have showed their effectiveness both in clinical tests and in practice. They have already received high ratings and many positive reviews from the users. The series includes such body creams as PEPKSIcream Ca-control, Pepper Thermo Massage with peptides and Peptidele. They not only actively fight against the “orange peel”, but also relieve stress and fatigue, increase skin tone and elasticity.

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