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    Baby cream and Baby Oil by Repharm

    14 Aug 2017 г.

    Baby cream and baby oil are cosmetic products for application on the soft baby skin from the very first days of life. They are specially designed for solving common baby skin issues like diaper rush, redness, inflammations, sweating sickness, irritations etc. These conditions may cause itching, burning and pain, which can negatively influence on the baby mood and calmness. Systematic use of the baby cosmetic products allows to prevent skin issues and effectively nourish and moisturize soft baby skin. It could be very important for child because the exchanging processes on the newborn’s skin epidermis are not regulated properly so skin can be prone to the negative external influence.


    What are the functions of baby cream?

    Nowadays there is a wide range of baby creams from the specialized ones for the skin protection, reducing swelling etc. to the multipurpose for the complex skincare. Anyway, the number of problems to solve is not such a big:

    • Protection function. Newborns skin doesn’t have a natural sebum covering for protection from the environmental harm so even a dry air can bring to the unwanted subsequences. Baby cream forms a hydrolipid layer on the skin that prevents itching and scratching.
    • Moisturizing function. Baby creams moisturize skin and create a barrier for reducing the moisture evaporation.
    • Nourishing function. Baby cream nourishes baby skin with the minerals and vitamins which improve the immunity in their turn.
    • Reducing irritations. This function is especially valuable for the skin under diapers, nuchal folds, armpits etc. Depending on the composition baby creams can also heal the irritations, but if the skin harm is hard it could be better to use a special medical cream.
    • Antiseptic function. Baby cream can effectively fight the harmful bacteria which can cause irritations and inflammations.

    Baby cream and baby oil by Repharm

    • Baby Cream with Peach Kernel Oil

      200 руб.
    • Baby Oil with Peach Kernel Oil

      400 руб.

    What baby oil is used for

    Important to mention that using baby oil does not annul using baby cream and powder, oil just extends their efficiency. The main aim of the oil use is preventing different harmful issues like the following:

    • Diaper rush prophylactic;
    • Preventing skin irritations;
    • Antiseptic action;
    • Reducing the skin inflammatory signs;
    • Nourishing and moisturizing.

    The Rehparm baby series provides complex skincare for babies from the first days of life. This cosmetic has a balanced natural composition with vitamins, phospholipids, microelements, extracts of chamomile, calendula and peach kernel oil.

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