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    How Does Protective Cold-Cream for Face Function?

    21 Oct 2017 г.

    The cold season is an extreme test for our skin. It is negatively affected not only from the outdoors, but also from the indoors. Outdoors, it is affected by cold wind, prickly frost, dry air due to central heating, and temperature extremes. In addition, during this period, metabolic processes are significantly slowed down. The skin experiences the deficiency of vitamins and nutritional agents. Special vitamin complexes, the action of which is aimed at improvement of skin state, can replenish their deficiency.

    However, it is necessary to use special products for protection against negative external influences. They not only create a protective barrier, but also nourish the skin with essential elements.


    What happens to the skin during cold season

    Cold wind, frost, snow, central heating, washing with too warm or even hot water provide bad influence not only on the upper skin layers, but also the cell regeneration and renewal processes occurring in the deep layers of epidermis. In addition, blood circulation and lymph flow are disturbed, and skin experiences dehydration. As a result, there are appeared microcracks and peeling, redness and irritation. The skin looks dull and lifeless; as a result, the wrinkles appear.

    During this period, there are also significant changes of the sebaceous glands functioning: the sebaceous secretion significantly reduces. In the case of oily skin, if the situation is not aggravated, it significantly improves its state; the oily sheen is removed. In case of normal or dry skin, the situation is much worse. The skin looks dull and lifeless, experiences the premature aging.

    During the cold season, regardless of the skin type, first of all, it required intensive nourishment and protection.

    Protective products of Repharm Company

    • Mink Fur Face Cream Sun Wind Frost Protection, 50 g

      350 руб.
    • Polar Mountain Ointment Sun Wind Frost Protection, 50 g

      300 руб.
    • Peptide Antiviral Chapstick Lip Balsam, 5 g

      150 руб.

    How to select the protective cold-cream

    A good protective product provides a reliable barrier against external negative factors, saves from dryness, softens skin, prevents the appearance of microcracks, peeling, and irritation and chapping, replenishes the lack of nutritional agents. The list of such positive effects, in its turn, promotes the normal regulation of skin metabolic processes.

    The following elements are the most effective for winter care:

    • fats (mink, confectionery) create reliable protection, help to keep the lipid layer intact;
    • essential oils (cocoa, almonds, walnuts, pine nuts, grape seeds, olive, corn soy) deeply nourish, moisturize, soften the skin, prevent irritation and peeling;
    • vitamin complexes (C, A, E, F) nourish the skin, prevent the vitamin deficiency, prevent the premature aging;
    • plant extracts (calendula, hypericum, aloe vera), panthenol, lecithin heal microcracks and soothe the irritated skin.

    In addition to the most important elements for the skin protection and deep nourishing, the series of natural creams of Repharm Company contains a unique bisphosphonate complex and peptides regenerating damaged cells and regulating metabolic processes at the cellular level, which contribute to maintaining skin youth and beauty. The series of winter care products includes Mink coat face cream and Polar ointment, as well as Repharm lip balm with peptides.

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