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    What Body Cream Is Better to Use After Swimming Pool

    23 Oct 2017 г.

    Swimming pool is one of the most effective types of physical activity. Swimming helps to keep the body in good shape, to get rid of not only extra pounds, but also various diseases. However, those people who regularly visit the swimming pool very often face skin problems. Dryness, peeling, itching are quite common. It happens due to the chlorinated water, without which the swimming pool does not function.


    What harm does the chlorine cause to the skin?

    Despite the fact that we live in the age of advanced technologies, there is no more efficient and reliable way of water disinfection than its chlorination. The chlorine reliably kills fungal and other infections, which are common in crowded places. This element reacts with lipids, proteins and salts secreted by our skin. The result of such reaction is the formation of a dense foreign plaque destroying not only the skin lipid layer and causing excessive dryness, but also significantly affecting the deep inside processes. As a result, the skin experiences not only dryness, but also premature aging.

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    How to take care of your skin after swimming pool

    The main task after visiting the swimming pool is to rinse off the chlorine as quickly as possible and neutralize the effect of harmful elements. At the same time, remember that you should use the washcloth and products of light abrasive action, which remove the chlorine plaque together with dead cells. Shower gels based on essential oils and glycerin will be a great way out. In addition to cleansing, they also nourish and moisturize the epidermis.

    After cleansing, you should restore and moisturize the skin. Use saturated nutrient products. Creams with essential oils, which restore, nourish and moisturize the skin, provide a complex effect:

    • restore damaged cells;
    • activate metabolic processes;
    • provide deep moistening effect;
    • soften the skin;
    • fill with nutritional agents;
    • regulate the functioning of sebaceous glands;
    • make the skin resilient and elastic;
    • prevent the appearance of peeling and irritation;
    • create a protective layer.


    The product should be applied to towel-dried skin immediately after visiting the swimming pool, not several hours later. In addition, remember that you should postpone going outside in the cold season. You should wait until the cream absorbs and creates the required protective layer. It will take 30-40 minutes.

    The Russian manufacturer of natural skin care products, the Institute of Pharmaceutical Reagents Repharm, has developed an effective body care cream Royal, which is designed for skin protection against chlorinated and salt water, as well as for softening the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays and tan fixing. The cream deeply moisturizes and soothes the irritated skin, eliminates the feeling of dryness, tightness and peeling. In addition to the complex of the most useful essential oils, the cream contains unique peptide compounds that restore the damaged cells and regulate metabolic processes.

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