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Using Peptides in Anti-aging Cosmetics

7 Sep 2017 г.

Skin aging is extremely complicated process that has many reasons, the speed of aging depends on the environment, heredity, common health etc. All these factors influence on the intracellular metabolic processes and can reduce them. Peptides in the anti-aging cosmetics can create a protection barrier to protect skin cells from the negative external influence and help them restore in a natural way.


How does peptides work in the anti-aging cosmetic products?

Extracellular matrix is responsible for the skin elasticity and firmness. Its core is made of collagen fibers, elastin and some proteins. The structure of extracellular matrix is made of fibroblast cells that have to regenerate continuously. Due to the aging, the value of fibroblasts decreasing, which leads to the lack of collagen. Besides that, destroying of the collagen and elastin fibers may be caused by UV-radiation. At the end skin becomes flabby and loose.

Peptides are the key substances for supporting the extracellular matrix functioning. They can boost the intracellular processes and peptides synthesis that’s why peptides are so beneficial for the anti-aging cosmetic products. Cosmetic specialists consider peptides as an alternative to the botox injections and beauty surgery.

Peptide cosmetics by Repharm

Peptides features in the anti-aging cosmetic products

Peptides have a wide range of benefits:

  • Boosting of the natural anti-aging physiological processes;
  • Protection from untimely aging;
  • Improving the skin firmness, smoothness and appearance;
  • Restoring the extracellular matrix structure;
  • Encouraging the collagen synthesis;
  • Encouraging the peptides synthesis;
  • Reducing wrinkles and fine lines;
  • Skin moisturizing;
  • Boosting the intracellular metabolic processes;
  • Protection from UV-radiation.

Russian cosmetic manufacturer, a Repharm company, presents a line of the peptide cosmetic products specially designed for the complex skincare. There are some kinds of peptide cosmetics like lip balsams, eye creams, problem skin cosmeceutical products, anti-cellulite body creams, shampoos and shower gels. All products passed through the medical trials and gained perfect responses from the professionals in cosmetics and from customers. Peptide creams by Repharm slows down aging, deeply nourish and moisturize skin and provide it with the perfect protection.

Peptide cosmetics by Repharm

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