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Best Foot Cream Against Cracks and Its Composition

23 Sep 2017 г.

Cracked heels are not only a cosmetical defect. Doctors consider them as one of the categories of skin diseases – dermatitis. At first, such cracks are only of aesthetic concern, as they create a very unattractive image. In summer, you cannot wear open shoes. However, in case of disease progression, it provides discomfort, and later you can even experience severe pain hindering your movements. If you ignore such situation and do not treat the cracks, they start progressing, and at the last stages, you will not cope with them without the help of the specialist and complex treatment.


What are the causes of cracked heels?

The main cause of cracked heels is excessive skin dryness. The cells in this area become weak and unstable to various negative factors, both internal and external. There is a great variety of causes. Among internal factors are:

  • certain stages of diabetes mellitus;
  • deficiency of iron and vitamins A and E;
  • various skin diseases: dermatitis, fusarium infections, psoriasis;
  • diseases of nervous and endocrine systems;
  • gastrointestinal diseases;
  • excess weight.

However, we create ourselves the great majority of factors provoking cracks progression:

  • harmful addictions: alcohol, smoking;
  • improperly selected narrow shoes or shoes made of low-quality artificial materials;
  • long wearing of some open footwear creating intense load on the heels: slippers, slates;
  • lack of hygiene and foot care;
  • abuse of peeling;
  • long walking barefoot on hot sand.

Healing foot creams of Repharm Company

How to get rid of cracked heels

In any case, do not ignore the cracks. As infection can penetrate into the formed cavities, and it will entail serious consequences. At the early stages, you can use special healing creams and ointments that will help to cope with the problem. In case of aggravated situation, it is better to turn to a dermatologist; he will prescribe a complex treatment with antibacterial medications.

However, the best solution is to prevent cracking. Just pay a little attention to your feet and you will make them not only healthy, but also attractive. In order to do it, you will simply require high-quality foot cream every day, which contains emollient, antiseptic and nourishing elements, as well as a weekly peeling or baths with healing herbs.


Which cream can be used for cracks prevention and treatment

Repharm Company provides among large variety of natural medical phytocosmetics a series of effective foot creams that help not only in cracks treatment, but can also be used as daily care product in order to prevent the progression of this defect.

The tone-up foot cream with the extract of horse chestnut of Repharm Company has received a large number of positive reviews. It contains a balanced complex of medical elements that comprehensively care for the foot skin and prevent the progression of various diseases. The extract of horse chestnut provides a venotonic effect, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, relieves inflammation, and regulates metabolic processes. Wormwood extract heals damages and cracks. Salicylic and boric acids provide an antiseptic effect, destroy bacteria and prevent the development of various fusarium diseases. The cream softens the skin, nourishes it, and relieves stress and fatigue.

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