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Benefits of Face Creams with Peptides

24 Aug 2017 г.

Cosmetic specialists consider peptides to be the future of cosmetology. Using of peptides in cosmetic products is a relatively new trend but they have already proved their highest efficacy and beneficial features for skincare.

Peptides are the parts and construction material for amino acids which take part in the cell’s regeneration and protect human body from some harmful substances. As soon as aging leads to reducing the number of peptides on the blood stream, the modern science solved this problem by creating their synthetic alternatives in the labs and applying them using some cosmetic products.


The difference between peptides and proteins and amino acids

The peptides and the proteins have similar structure and are made of amino acids, but the protein’s molecules are much larger than peptide’s one so it cannot penetrate through the skin protective barrier while the peptides reach the deepest skin layers. That is why peptides can reduce the aging signs and some skin defects.

Amino acids in their turn are too small and simple to influence the metabolic processes. Usually peptides have about 8 links in their chain that allows its molecules to keep on the beneficial features without being too heavy and large. Due to it the peptide cosmetic products are considered to be 10 time more effective than its alternative with elastin and collagen in composition.

Peptide cosmetics by Repharm

The benefits of cosmetic products with peptides

Thanks to the complex positive influence on the skin, peptides are being added into a wide range of the cosmetic products like body and face creams, rejuvenating serums, cosmetic masks, shampoos, balsams, shower gels etc.

The beneficial features of peptides are the following:


  • Balancing the microcirculation of blood and oxygen;
  • Balancing the liquid balance on the deep skin layers;
  • Boosting the collagen, keratin and elastin producing
  • Delivery of the nourishments into the deep skin layers;
  • Support of the intracellular metabolic processes
  • Improving the skin elasticity and firmness;
  • Anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Healing wounds and cracks.

Nowadays peptides are considered the most beneficial active ingredients at removing aging signs. Using the peptide cosmetics is better to start before aging signs occur. Being applied on the young and mature skin, peptides can rejuvenate skin surface, lift and tone skin, soften wrinkles and fine lines.

Repharm suggests a wide range of the cosmeceutical peptide cosmetic products like face and body creams, eye creams, lip balsams, shampoos and shower gels. All cosmetic products have natural composition, they passed through the medical trials and proved their efficacy.

Peptide cosmetics by Repharm

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