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    The Best Calcium Medications For Women

    5 Sep 2017 г.

    Everyone knows that calcium is the foundation element of our bones and teeth. However, the list of functions performed by this element in our body is much wider. It influences the blood clotting, immune functions, and the functioning of many hormones. Calcium provides antiallergic and anti-inflammatory effects, participates in the formation of nucleic acids and proteins. This element regulates the acid-base balance, as well as the water-salt exchange in the body.

    The beauty and youth of our skin, hair, the correct transmission of nerve impulses, the heart functions, and muscle activity depend on calcium level.


    Why does calcium deficiency appear?

    On average, each person depending on his total weight has from 1 to 2 kilograms of calcium. At the same time, 99% of the total amount of this element is concentrated in the osseous system, teeth, nails and hair. The remaining 1% is distributed between the nerve cells and other tissues of our body.

    Specialists have calculated that for the unimpaired operation of our body, a person should consume at least one gram of calcium every day. This amount significantly increases due to the age-related changes after 40-45, in case of intense sports and physical activity, during pregnancy, intensive growth and development of child body, systemic mental stress.

    All above-mentioned factors result in calcium deficiency of blood plasma. In order to replenish the loss, the body starts taking calcium from those places where this element is found in the greatest quantities: bones, nails and hair. As a result, bones become thinner; people experience the osseous system diseases.

    In case of metabolic process disorders, it can result not only in calcium deficiency, but also in excess calcium. In such case, the osseous system also suffers. The excess calcium is converted into special salts, which are accumulated in the area of ​​large bones.

    Calcium-regulating products of Repharm Company

    • CA-VITACTIVE Calcium Body Cream

      560 руб.
    • KSICREAM CA-CONTROL Calcium Body Cream

      550 руб.
    • KSIGEL CA-CONTROL Rosemary Calcium Body Cream

      440 руб.

    How calcium is digested by the body

    Calcium is one of the hard-to-digest elements. It is rather difficult to compensate for its deficiency or regulate metabolic processes only with the help of food. For example, the composition of some foods, such as cereals, sorrel, spinach, interfere with the calcium digestion. In addition, the excess of fluoride and magnesium significantly inhibits the calcium digestion.

    The products providing our body with this important element:

    • milk and dairy products of low fat content;
    • dark green leafy vegetables;
    • lean meat;
    • fish;
    • nuts;
    • legumes;
    • dried fruits;
    • currants, strawberries, cherries.

    Special vitamin complexes and dietary supplements can help to replenish the calcium deficiency. Also, the use of special skin care calcium-regulating cosmetics, which can be used both for the treatment a great number of diseases and for preventive measures, is another effective direction in regulation of metabolic processes and maintenance of calcium balance. Creams and ointments of this category regulating calcium metabolism are an effective means in the struggle against accumulation of salts, osteochondrosis, and osteoporosis, as they help to eliminate discomfort in joints and inflammation that can occur in case of intense physical and sports activity, sedentary lifestyle. In addition, calcium-regulating cosmetics gently and effectively care for the skin, preventing the progression of aging-related processes and their consequences.

    Repharm Company has developed a series of natural skin care calcium-regulating products based on unique bisphosphonate complex. The creams have passed long-term clinical test, received high reviews of experts and specialists, as well as have proven themselves in practical application due to numerous positive customer reviews. The list of products of this series includes Ca-VITACTIVE cream for active life, rosemary KSI gel Ca-control and KSI cream Ca-control.

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