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    How to Use Cold and Frost Protective Winter Face Cream

    29 Sep 2017 г.

    When the weather changes and the frost comes, we completely change our wardrobe, trying to reliably protect the body from the cold. However, at the same time, you should remember that in winter the facial skin is the most vulnerable zone, as in such case the clothes cannot protect it. The lower the temperature outdoors is, the higher the degree of skin care should become. A great number of aggressive factors can make skin weak and vulnerable.  Among them are icy wind with snow and rain, low temperatures outdoors and overdried indoor air due to central heating, natural biological slowdown of metabolic processes, lack of vitamins and nutrient elements. Our skin dries and ages. In such conditions, the stages and care products will significantly differ from the algorithm used in summer.


    How to take care of your skin in winter

    Speaking about skin care in winter it is important to remember the following rules:

    • in winter, the skin itself tries to adapt to the occurring changes; its type also changes: the oily type approaches to the normal one, normal or combination skin becomes dry, and dry becomes sensitive. In such case, it is necessary to change the basic care products. As a day and night cream, use cosmetics for the neighboring skin type, the drier one;
    • in winter, many people recklessly hide UV-protected products away. It is a big mistake. In winter, there are less sunrays, but they produce exactly the same effect as in summer. Aggressive ultraviolet light also destroys collagen and elastin fibers and results in premature aging. During this period, you should also use products with UV filters, but only with a lower degree of protection. The best variant is a cream with SPF 15 protection factor;
    • it is better to change the cleansing gel for cream-gel or micellar water. All caring cleansers during this period should be of enveloping delicate consistency without the presence of alcohol in its content;
    • refuse from scrubs during the cold period, use enzyme peeling;
    • focus on skin nutrition. The main care product should be nutritionally focused. In addition, it is necessary to add nourishing oil-based masks to the complex of procedures;
    • it is recommended to change the algorithm of using different types of creams: it is better to use a nourishing cream in the morning and the moisturizing cream – at night;
    • the obligatory factor of skin care in winter is the use of special protective products, both for the face and lips.

    Winter care products of Repharm Company

    • Mink Fur Face Cream Sun Wind Frost Protection, 50 g

      € 4.03
    • Peptide Antiviral Chapstick Lip Balsam, 5 g

      € 1.73
    • Polar Mountain Ointment Sun Wind Frost Protection, 50 g

      € 3.45

    How to use a protective cream

    When you choose the protective skin care product for winter, remember that they are divided into several categories: products for everyday use and products for intensive protection in extreme conditions, such as long walks in the freezing air or going for winter sports.

    The first category of products has a lighter consistency. Such creams can be used for makeup base with complete confidence as they will not disrupt the functions of sebaceous glands and will not cause acne. Intensive protection creams have a dense texture, they protect the skin from dehydration, frostbite, redness and irritation in extreme conditions, but they are not intended as a makeup base.

    Any protective cream should be applied no later than 40 minutes before going outdoors, so that its active components have time to absorb and create a protective film. Remove the cream residuals with a cotton pad in order to avoid possible clogging of pores.

    Among the great range of natural effective cosmetic products, Repharm Company has produced a line of protective creams for skin care in winter. They consist of a balanced complex of natural ingredients creating reliable protection against aggressive external factors, preventing skin dehydration, the appearance of irritation, redness and peeling, and saturating it with useful agents, vitamins and microelements. This line includes the cream for everyday care Mink Fur Face Cream, the product for intensive protection – Polar ointment and the balm for lip skin care Repharm with peptides.

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