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    Cream for anti-cellulite massage. Which one to choose

    1 Jul 2017 г.

    Despite the fact, that cellulite isn’t a disease but a cosmetological defect, women spend lot of time and efforts to remove it. Cosmetology offers a huge variety of cosmetic products to solve this problem, such as scrubs, lotions, creams, gels, serum and others. Their efficiency depends on their formula, the way of use and the stage of cellulite progress.


    What are the stages of cellulite progress and how to fight it

    According to cosmetologists, there are 4 stages of cellulite:

    1st stage. Cellulite is almost invisible. The only symptoms are increased hips and buttocks, the ‘orange peel’ effect appears only at squeezing of skin with fingers. In this case a well-balanced diet and work towards efflux of fluid might help. The use of anti-cellulite cosmetic products and massage can significantly increase and fix up this effect.

    2nd stage. Cellulite symptoms are well noticed and felt. There might be lost of sensitivity of affected areas. The measures are the same as at the 1st stage, but they should be more intensive.

    3rd stage. The ‘orange peel’ is prominent. Fat deposits disturb blood circulation, pinch nerves, the muscles become unable to contract. On this stage it is necessary to add a special power massage and dynamic sports activities to the above-mentioned anti-cellulite treatment.

    4th stage. It is characterized by the total muscles and nerves atrophy. The skin becomes bluish, the damaged tissues look like sponge. In this case only an intense complex of aggressive measures might help, and they should be held over extended period. Among these measures are regular massage with anti-cellulite products, intensive sports activities, dieting, anti-cellulite wraps, baths, etc.

    Creams of peptide series by Repharm

    Anti-cellulite creams contain caffeine in high concentration to reach anti-cellulite effect. Caffeine may form crystal whiskers, that can be easily dissolved during massaging cream into the skin.

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    What is the best cream for anti-cellulite massage

    There is a myth that the use of anti-cellulite product alone can remove cellulite. But this is not true. Creams, gels and ointments may help to remove ‘orange peel’ only on the first stage of its development. On the 3 other stages anti-cellulite creams are a supporting measure and a necessary component of massage. A good quality anti-cellulite product formula should contain the following ingredients:

    • peptides — amino acid chains, which effectively break down fat and make skin firm and toned;
    • bisphosphonates — regulate metabolism in skin tissues on the cellular level;
    • vitamin complexes — activate metabolism and nourish the skin;
    • natural oils — remove excessive liquid, create smooth and elastic skin structure;
    • seaweed — increase metabolism, remove toxins, prevent ‘orange peel’ development;
    • caffeine — improves metabolism and skin tone;
    • herbal extracts (horse chestnut, ivy, hawthorn, burdock, red pepper) — break down fats, remove toxins, warm up and nourish the skin.

    The anti-cellulite peptide products series by Repharm, presented by Thermo Massage Pepper Anti-Cellulite Cream and Peptidele, was proved to be an effective remedy against cellulite. These creams can be used either as a component of anti-cellulite cosmetic procedures, or as a self-sufficient measure to remove ‘orange peel’ on its first stages of development. Their active formulas include the most efficient anti-cellulite ingredients – essential oils, the extracts of horse chestnut, kelps, eucalyptus, pepper, caffeine, lanolin, bisphosphonate complex and peptides.

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