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The Top Runner’s Review of Mad Fox Ultra Trial

13 Jul 2019 г.

The first in the modern Russian trailrunning history winter ultramarathon race, Mad Fox Ultra, which took place Rostov – the most beautiful places in Russia, brought lots of memorable emotions to its participants. Many of them shared their impressions in the social nets.

This fascinating sporting festival sponsored by the Repharm company gathered 1800 experienced racing professionals and amateurs from the different countries all around the world. One of them was Igor Kurtepov, the famous ultra-marathon runner, the promoter of healthy lifestyle and the broadcaster of the vlog Begoman. Igor let his followers see the whole extremal track K70, having recorded his race on the live video. Besides that, Igor gave the interview after the finishing in which he described his feelings and gave some useful practical tips for all the race lovers.

Зимний забег Mad Fox Ultra и Рефарм Repharm Ксикрем Форте

Igor Kurtepov About the Mad Fox Ultra Track

“The loading is high and big pretty different, the track made by Mikhail Dolgy is interesting in this regard. But you must remember, that running 75 km in low temperature and such weather conditions is not completely safe. The distance between feeding stations was 10 km and more, sometimes there were no mobile signal on the distance. You should be ready for the race and understand that you will unlikely succeed in passing it by chance. This attitude may be possible on summer only, but this winter race was designed as an autonomous run.

As it concerns the difficulties on a track, it was obvious that winter run with slipping is a special kind of run. Sometimes the path runs through the deep narrow trench where it was impossible to run as usual. While running widely you stumble over the trench sideboards and have risk to fall down. Also running with the wet feet was very exhausting.”


The Repharm company thanks the Mad Fox Ultra organizers for providing the pictures

Igor Kurtepov about his training and his result on trial

“I ran for 10 hours. I can’t say that I was prepared perfectly, I didn’t have training as such. I don’t recommend anyone to act like this, but it happened to me by chance, I had a harsh competition season before this trial, a 24-hour race and series of trails. I also harmed the hamstrings and despite the rehabilitation trainings my preparation was not complete.

The Polar ointment by Repharm gave me the aid on a track. I anointed my hamstrings with it and solved all my possible problems with legs despite the wet socks and trainers. The Polar ointment is waterproof and this is very good, because Vaseline can’t help you on the 10 km distance race through the mud and water. I trust this product; Polar ointment is cheap and highly effective.”

Мазь полярная Рефарм для марафона MAD FOX ULTRA 2017

Igor Kurtepov about KSICREAM FORTE

Especially for the active people, for sportsmen and healthy lifestyle amateurs, the Repharm scientists developed the KSICREAM FORTE, a product which boosts endurance and reduces unpleasant sensations after overtraining, removes muscle and joint pain and provides the effective restoring. This product passed through the medical trials before its release and got positive responses from the medical experts. Besides that, we offered this cream to Igor Kurtepov for testing in the real training and competition conditions. After completing the Mad Fox Ultra Trial Igor published his resume and made some pieces of advice for using this cream.

“The KSICREAM FORTE cream relives pain, helps to restore well, boosts power, but you should use it carefully. The ideal time to use this product is the time after finishing, when you feel muscle pain and want to get rid of it. Otherwise, if something happens on the track, you can remove pain but the cause of pain remains. You should remember about it.

The second point is about boosting power. I tested this cream in several races. Its use does increase the power, but along with the power boosting the pulse also rises. It sounds logically, because nothing is given just like that. You feel fine, run easily and feel great, the speed becomes higher, but the pulse frequency also jumps, which carries the risk of overloading. Besides that, the cream has a very strong recovery effect, it improves the metabolic processes and provides the faster recovery effect. In this regard KSICREAM FORTE is very useful. After the race I put it on and in the morning my legs were fine, I could even race again.

I believe that KSICREAM FORTE should be used on the speed half-marathon. It may also be needed when you are interested in a good trial result or you need to finish the distance when your strength is over.”

The full version of Igor Kurtepov’s interview about the Mad Fox Ultra Marathon is here.

Creams for the active life by the Repharm company

The Repharm company thanks Igor Kurtepov for the good reviews of our products and wishes him good luck in sporting!

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