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    How to Use Baby Cream and Baby Oil Correctly

    2 Oct 2017 г.

    Baby cream and baby oil are the most essential products for baby skin care from the first days. Such products should always be in child cosmetic bag. The baby skin, especially during the first year of the life, cannot cope with inner and external adverse effect. Food allergies, dry air, high temperatures, and contact with tight clothes or diapers immediately result in prickly heat, peeling, redness, and rashes. It occurs due to the insufficient metabolism processes of baby skin; practically there is no immunity. In addition, in the first months of life, the baby skin is excessively dry, as the hydrolipid film on its surface is too thin and is broken after every bath, even if you do not use soap or other chemical cleaning products.

    In such situation, baby cream and oil are the first assistants, both in the prevention and in the treatment of bad skin presentations. When you choose and purchase such products, remember that they are not always interchangeable.


    When and why it is necessary to use baby cream

    Baby cream solves almost all baby skin care problems. It is used as a diaper product, for the prevention of diaper rash in such risk areas as the cervical and inguinal folds, the armpit area, as moisturizing and nourishing products after bathing, as a protection and prevention of chapping and frostbite of exposed skin during walks outdoors, as well as for massage. The baby cream functions are the following:

    • creation of natural skin protection – the hydrolipid mantle, which, in its turn, creates a barrier for moisture evaporation;
    • moisturizing;
    • nutrition and filling with the required nutrients and microelements, which forms skin immunity and regulates metabolic processes;
    • antiseptic and bactericidal action;
    • healing of micro-cracks and injuries.

    Baby skin care products of Repharm Company

    • Baby Oil with Peach Kernel Oil

      € 4.40
    • Baby Cream with Peach Kernel Oil

      € 2.20

    When it is better to use baby oil

    If the baby skin has no severe defects, it is better to use baby oil instead of cream for their prevention. It has a lighter structure and consistency, it is absorbed faster, useful substances penetrate deeper and function more efficiently. The leading purpose of the oil is moisturizing and nourishing. It is recommended to use it after each bathing, for massage, in order to soften crusts and scales on the head and behind the ears, for effective moisturizing of overdried skin. You can also use the oil in order to lubricate the areas of clothing contact, where chafing and irritation can occur. Among the oil positive effects are antiseptic and bactericidal actions.

    In case when there are chafing, irritation, diaper rash, redness, it is better to use cream.

    Repharm Company provides the range of natural medical phyto cosmetics for baby skin care, which includes cream and oil. They complement each other rather effectively in the complex action. They consist of only the most essential and beneficial elements for the baby skin: extracts of calendula and chamomile, olive oil, peach and grape seed oils, d-panthenol, menthol and lanolin. All these products have passed a large list of clinical tests; they belong to the category of medical cosmetics and are recommended by the leading medical centers of the country.

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