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    What Are Effects of Peptides in Anti-aging Cosmetics

    12 Oct 2017 г.

    Scientists consider peptides a revolutionary discovery in the sphere of cosmetology. No other natural element provides such a large range of positive effects on the skin. Moreover, peptides are much more effective than the well-known anti-age remedy Botox and, at the same time, they are completely safe. Specialists compare the effect of the peptide cosmetics with the results of plastic surgery.


    What are the effects of peptides and what are they?

    Peptides are proteins, which are constantly present in our body. According to their structure, they look like a chain of amino acids. However, unlike self-protein compounds, the peptide chain has much fewer links. If protein consists of more than 100 amino acids, then the peptide chain consists of from 2 to 10 ones. The main positive effect of peptide compounds is their ability to regenerate damaged cells and restore skin metabolic processes.

    With age, the production of peptides as well as any other elements slows down. Scientists have learned how to reproduce them in laboratory and started to use them in various types of cosmetics and cosmetic procedures, in which the effect of peptides have surpassed all expectations. Due to their small size peptides freely penetrate through the stratum corneum and not only restore damaged cells, but also suspend their destruction.

    Peptides control the cell division and maturation. In addition, when peptides enter the cell, they evaluate its condition, increase the immunity state and reduce the destruction rate. Thus, peptide compounds perform the process of the leading structural components correction of the epidermis.

    Products with peptides of Repharm Company

    • PEPKSICREAM CA-CONTROL Calcium Body Cream

      620 руб.
    • Peptide Eye Gel Cream

      220 руб.
    • Peptide Antiviral Chapstick Lip Balsam

      150 руб.

    What are the functions of peptides in cosmetics?

    Typically, anti-age cosmetics includes peptide compounds. However, due their wide range of positive effects on skin, they effectively fight against such serious cosmetic problems as cellulite and adolescent negative manifestations in form of acne, inflammation and eruptions. The main functions of peptides are as follows:

    • stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, as well as prevent the destruction of existing collagen and elastin fibers;
    • increase the antioxidant skin protection;
    • stimulate the production of melanin and even out skin color, fight against pigment stains;
    • relieve inflammation and increase the skin regenerative functions;
    • activate blood circulation;
    • split fat accumulations, remove toxins and slags.

    Peptide cosmetics not only reduce the signs of skin aging such as soreness, dryness and wrinkles, but they also stop the aging process itself. Peptides prevent skin dehydration, create protection against external negative factors, as well as normalize the pigment production process. When you use the peptide cosmetics, the facial rejuvenation process is obtained not due to the surface effects, but due to the stimulation of cells renewal.

    In the range of natural medical and cosmetic products of Repharm Company, peptide cosmetics are represented by a large assortment of creams that have passed all clinical tests and have proven their high efficiency in practice. Among the list of cosmetics with peptides of Repharm Company are lip gel, eye cream, teenage products for problem skin, anti-cellulite creams, body creams, shampoos and shower gels. The products have received many positive reviews from the users and high rating from cosmetology specialists.

    Products with peptides of Repharm Company

    • PepTeens Teen’s Peptide Gel for Acne-Prone Skin

      330 руб.
    • Peptidele Anti-Cellulite Peptide Cream

      700 руб.
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