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    What are the purposes of a baby cream use?

    1 Aug 2017 г.

    Baby cream is an essential cosmetic product to take care of a gentle and sensitive baby skin. It should always be present in a baby’s toiletry bag since its birth day. A good baby cream performs a large number of tasks, and it is very difficult to manage without it.


    What are the functions of a baby cream

    Creams for baby’s skin care can be divided into several groups: multi-purpose products for everyday use and products of single purpose to solve certain problems. The latter can be used to heal acute skin defects, to treat skin diseases, to protect from ultraviolet rays, freezer burn, insect stings, etc. The usage of cosmetic products of this category is additional and doesn’t cancel the use of a regular baby cream, which has the following functions:

    • moisturizes;
    • nourishes;
    • has an anti-inflammatory action;
    • has an antiseptic effect;
    • relieves irritation;
    • softens the skin;
    • helps to heal micro cracks and small damages;
    • prevents diaper rush and sore from rubbing;
    • protects from external irritating factors: dry air, wind, frost.

    A multi-purpose baby cream can be used in the following cases:

    • under a diaper;
    • after bathing;
    • in the areas with the risks of rush: neck folds, underarms;
    • for massage;
    • to soften dry and exfoliating skin zones;
    • to apply on the face before going outside (not later than 30 minutes before going out in the cold season);
    • to soften and remove cradle cap on the head and behind the ears;
    • on the skin areas irritated by the contact with clothes.

    Baby care cosmetic products by Repharm

    • Baby Cream with Peach Kernel Oil, 50 g

      $ 2.71
    • Baby Oil with Peach Kernel Oil, 200 ml

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    How to choose a baby cream

    The first thing that you should do before choosing a baby cream is to examine its content thoroughly. It should contain mostly natural ingredients and there should be no silicone, parabens, aggressive perfumes. The best baby cream formula contains extracts of beggarticks, chamomile, calendula, natural vegetable oils, panthenol, lanolin, vitamin complexes. Moreover, you should pay attention to the following details:

    • the cream’s age group (0+, 3+, etc.);
    • its shelf life, as well as its in-use shelf life: this period should not be equal to the main storage period, it is usually much shorter;
    • storage conditions. It is very important, because a cream may lose its properties and even cause harm to a gentle baby’s skin, being kept improperly. A cream should not be exposed to high temperature (don’t heat it on a radiator or in a hot water), because its natural ingredients may go off;
    • buy baby creams of the well-known brands;
    • this product should necessarily have certified quality;
    • before the first use check the cream on the matter of child’s allergy (apply a small amount of cream on the bend of an elbow or under a knee).

    A baby cream series by the Repharm company is represented by natural cosmetic and treating products: baby oil and baby cream with peach oil. Their balanced formula contains herbal extracts, natural oils, panthenol and lanolin, which are very useful for a baby’s skin. These products are hypoallergic, they can be used since the very first days of a baby’s life and are recommended by The Research and Clinical Institute for Pediatrics of the Russian Health Ministry.

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