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Anticellulite Cream for Massage and Its Benefits

6 Sep 2017 г.

Cellulite is a widespread issue and lots of women around the globe deal with it. Depending on its stage and the intensity appearance of the “orange peel” can vary. Anyway, although the complete removing of the cellulite is a difficult process, reducing its signs is possible just by making some simple regular steps. On the initial stages it is enough to use anticellulite cosmetic products before and after fitness or workout, but on the later stages anticellulite massage with anticellulite cream is more useful. Being done properly, the anticellulite massage can stop cellulite developing and completely remove it signs from the body.


What ingredients should beneficial anticellulite cream contain?

  • Vitamins C, B, retinol and tocopherol can nourish skin and boost intracellular metabolic processes;
  • Essential oils are the most effective ingredients of the anticellulite creams, which can penetrate the deepest skin layers and encourage water drainage making skin bouncy and elastic;
  • Kelp extracts boosts metabolic processes and excrete toxins from the skin depth;
  • Caffeine boosts exchanging processes, rises the skin tone and smooth it;
  • Camphor splits the fat tissue and excrete it from skin due to the heating effect;
  • Peptides and amino acids can penetrate into deepest skin layers, balance fat depositing and exchanging processes;
  • Herbal extracts and essential oils of hawthorn, horse chestnut, mint, juniper, lemon orange, rosemary, eucalyptus etc. nourish skin, stimulate metabolic processes, moisturize and reduce stagnation processes.

Anticellulite creams by Repharm


Anticellulite creams contain highly concentrated caffeine for boosting anti-cellulite effect, which may promote crystal whiskers. They instantly dissolve while rubbing the cream in the skin.

How to apply anticellulite massage cream?

The efficiency of the anticellulite cosmetics depends on its correct application. Nothing difficult, just remember about some key moments:

  • If you do massage inhouse, try to do it regularly and use cream twice a day during every two weeks after two weeks rest;
  • Apply cream on the clean skin only. Taking bath with essential oils and sea salt and using scrub before massage can boost the result;
  • Warm your skin with the massage without cream and then apply it in the warm skin.


Anticellulite creams by Repharm has got many perfect responses. They are suitable both for the massage and for the anticellulite wrap. The composition of these creams includes some effective natural components like caffeine, camphor, kelp extracts, essential oils of lemon, rosemary and eucalyptus as well as hexapeptide complex for reducing lymph stagnation.

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