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Benefits of Cosmetics with Natural Oils

20 Aug 2017 г.

Natural oils are the most effective cosmetic ingredient that nourishes skin, moisturize, encourage skin regeneration, reduce wrinkles’ appearance and have an antiseptic and healing effect. The most beneficial cosmetic products have a combination of natural and essential oils in their composition.


Which oils are most effective in cosmetics?

  • Grape seeds oil has a light consistency and perfectly cleanses skin. Linoleic acid in its formula activates the skin regeneration and prevents aging;
  • Cocoa butter perfectly smooths dry, irritated and rough skin, heals and regenerates and prevents scars and stretch marks appearance;
  • Sesame oil contains retinol, tocopherol, vitamin B phosphorus, copper, calcium, zinc, magnesium. This oil soothes irritated skin, threatens sunburns, protects from harmful UV-radiation and has the antioxidative effect;
  • Argan oil has a high concentration of fatty acids and tocopherol and effective in the threating of a wide range of skin diseases like acne, psoriasis, eczema etc., removes scars and stretch marks, prevents wrinkles appearance;
  • Almond oil can deeply penetrate the skin depth due to its light consistency and nourish it with the useful nourishments;
  • Shea butter protects, soothes and moisturizes skin, encourages skin cells regeneration, reduces aging, boosts blood microcirculation, reduces swellings and inflammations;
  • Jojoba oil speeds up the skin regeneration, slows down aging, nourishes skin, reduces TEWL, soothes skin and make it elastic and bouncy.

5 Oils Royal Body Cream by Repharm

What natural cosmetics is beneficial to skin?

Body cream 5 oils Royal by Repharm contains the balanced set of the most efficient natural oils for the skincare, which nourish body skin, remove dryness and peeling. Bisphosphonates balance the metabolic processes and prevent salt depositing. Caffeine has a drainage effect.

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