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What is the difference between cosmetic and medicinal foot cream

9 Aug 2017 г.

The skin of the feet demands as much attention as the face. Ignoring this fact may cause not only foot skin callosity, but also the development of serious dermatological problems, which are hard to solve. Among these skin disorders are dry heels, fungal and parasitic infections. All these problems are easier to prevent than to treat. For this purpose, it would be helpful to use a good foot cream with a well-balanced formula containing efficient ingredients.

In this case using a cream from a group of medicinal cosmetic products would be more suitable. Unlike normal foot care products, the treating cosmetic products have a more pronounced effect and provide skin with special care. All products of this category are registered, meet quality control standards and contain natural treating ingredients.


What are the kinds of foot care treating creams

According to their main function, there are several categories of medicinal cosmetic foot care products:

  • regenerating — are developed to recover damaged epidermis. These creams treat cracks and soften callosity. Their regenerating function is formed by the action of ingredients, which peel off the dead skin cells and deeply moisturize the skin;
  • freshening creams — their main function is to fight excessive perspiration and bad odor;
  • antiedemic — are aimed at relieving fatigue and edema, strengthening the walls of blood vessels, are effective in treating varicosity;
  • antibacterial — fight pathogenic organisms, which cause skin diseases;
  • antifungal — fight fungal diseases;
  • cooling — relieve fatigue and burning.

It should be noted, that a good medicinal foot cream combines several functions to perform a total skin care.

Foot cream by Repharm

How does a treating foot cream with horse chestnut help

A horse chestnut has a unique formula, which is effective not only for regular foot care, but also to treat various vascular diseases:

  • has anti-inflammatory effect, relieves irritation and pain;
  • has antiedema action — removes excessive moisture from subcutaneous tissue and maintains water balance;
  • anti-cellulite and draining effect — activates lymph flow, stimulates blood circulation, has toning action;
  • has antioxidant effect;
  • strengthens the walls of blood vessels, prevents couperosis;
  • prevents thrombus formation, keep to a minimum the external appearance of subcutaneous hemorrhage;
  • relieves pain in the joints;
  • prevents varicosity;
  • normalizes blood clotting ability.

Foot cream with horse chestnut extract by the Repharm company is a registered medicinal cosmetic product, which has high expert assessments and positive feedback of consumers. The cream has an effective well-balanced formula, which helps to remove the feeling of heavy and burning feet, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, relieves inflammation and pain, heals micro cracks and small wounds, freshens and deodorizes, softens and nourishes the skin, prevents fungal diseases.

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What is the difference between cosmetic and medicinal foot cream

9 Aug 2017 г.

The skin of the feet demands as much attention as the face. Ignoring this...

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