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What Anticellulite Cream is Best for Wrapping?

30 Aug 2017 г.

Anticellulite wrap is probably the most efficient cosmetic procedure to get rid of orange peel and support loosing weight. Wrap is a kind of cosmetic with the healing ingredients with heating or cooling effect to solve the cellulite issue.


The difference between heating and cooling wrap

The main beneficial features of the anticellulite wrap are the following:

  • Boosting the penetration of nourishments, vitamins and microelements into skin depth;
  • Stimulating lymph drainage;
  • Improving blood microcirculation;
  • Excreting liquid surpluses from tissues;
  • Encouraging the fat splitting;
  • Improving skin elasticity;
  • Soothes skin surface.

Hot and cold anticellulite wraps differs by the temperature regime and by the type of influence on the skin surface. The main contraindication for the heat wrap is varicose, for people with this issue is indicated the cold wrapping only.

Hot wrap widens the blood vessels, boosts blood circulation, opens skin pores to encourage excreting unwanted substances from the skin depth.

Cold wrap narrows the blood vessels and boosts lymph drainage that encourage filtering the blood by kidneys and liver.

Anticellulite cosmetics by Repharm


Anticellulite creams contain highly concentrated caffeine for boosting anti-cellulite effect, which may promote crystal whiskers. They instantly dissolve while rubbing the cream in the skin.

What cosmetics to use for the inhouse wrap

Cosmetic wrap can be also inhouse out of cosmetic salon. It is not difficult and won’t take much time. You can either cook the wrapping cream by yourself or use ready-made wrapping cream. Common ingredients of hot wrapping cream are clay, honey, chocolate, coffee, red pepper etc. For cold wrap mint and menthol are widely used.

Sequence of the wrap is the following:

  • Cleanse skin using scrub that removes dead cells and boosts blood circulation to make deep skin layers available for nourishments;
  • Wrapping itself, covering the body with the cream and wrapping with the stretch film. Be careful, don’t place film very tight to prevent blood circulation disturbance. Put on the clothes or wrap into the blanket. The procedure usually takes 30 – 40 minutes.
  • After wrap remove the wrapping cream in the shower.
  • Use nourishing and moisturizing cream, oil or lotion to boost the beneficial effect.

The entire course may take 10 – 12 sessions every 2 or 4 days.

There is a wide range of the anti-cellulite cosmetic products in the Repharm catalog that are highly efficient like Pepper Thermo-massage, Peptidele, 90-60-90 in removing the orange peel. They can be applied separately or as a supportive product for cosmetic wraps and massaging. These creams have a beneficial composition and gained lots of good responses after being used for loosing weight and removing cellulite. They have caffeine, camphor, kelp extract, essential oils of lemon, rosemary, eucalypt and hexapeptides in their formula for boosting intracellular metabolism.

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