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What substances should a nourishing hand cream contain

29 Jun 2017 г.

The skin of the hands is much more vulnerable to negative external influence than other skin zones. Hands are always in close contact with the environment – sun, wind, temperature range, they are often exposed to cleansing, bleaching and other chemical agents. For this reason, the skin of hands quickly gets old, there appear skin exfoliation, micro damages and micro cracks. This is why hands demand as much attention as the face. A regular use of a good nourishing cream not only helps to saturate the skin with necessary vitamins, macro and micronutrients, but also creates a protecting barrier against negative external factors.


What are the functions of a nourishing hand cream

Nourishment and protection are the leading functions of this category of creams, but in fact they have a wider range of positive actions:

  • cells’ structure regeneration;
  • repair of skin youth and elasticity;
  • fight against skin roughening;
  • removal of redness, exfoliation, micro cracks;
  • prevention of dehydration;
  • regeneration of lipid film;
  • fight with wrinkles and aging changes;
  • antiseptic action.

Hand creams by Repharm

What ingredients should a nourishing hand cream contain

  • Presents in all creams in different amounts. For instance, moisturizing cosmetic products contain up to 80% of water, nourishing creams – 20-30%. According to this, nourishing creams have a denser texture and provide skin with better protection and saturation with useful substances.
  • Natural oils. Effectively nourish and smooth the skin, remove exfoliation, fight with excessive dryness and moisturize. Some of them have a healing and antiseptic action. The best in this category are olive, maize, soya-bean and tea tree oils.
  • Deeply moisturize, fight with aging changes, reduce wrinkles and prevent their further development. These are lanolin, glycerin, bees wax.
  • Vitamin complexes (А, В, Е, С). Have a rejuvenating and healing effect, deeply nourish the skin.
  • Herbal extracts and essential oils. Regenerate, nourish, heal wounds, relieve stress and fatigue;
  • Bisphosphonates, elastin, collagen — fight with aging processes, regenerate metabolism.

Nourishing hand creams Leks and Apple by the Repharm company have unique formulas to provide skin with total care. Bisphosphonate complex regulates metabolism on cellular level, tea tree oil has a powerful protecting and antiseptic effect, helps to heal damages and micro cracks, and the apple components cause rejuvenating action. The creams effectively nourish, moisturize and fight aging. Moreover, they have a light texture, get evenly distributed and quickly absorbed.

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