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What Ointment is Effective for Muscle Pain Reducing

14 Oct 2017 г.

Pain in legs muscles is a common symptom, which can occur by either negligible muscle tissue injuring or serious conditions. The most effective medications for the reducing pain regardless to its nature are creams, gels and ointments of local application.


Which reasons lead to pain in legs

Pains in legs may disturb even absolutely healthy people. There are several factors, which provokes it:

  • High physical activity related to sports and work;
  • Different king of injures like sports traumas and domestic accidents: bruises, strains, torn ligaments;
  • Overweighting;
  • Sedentary lifestyle;
  • Metabolic disruptions in muscle tissues;
  • Bone diseases like arthritis, arthrosis, osteoporosis, calcination etc.

The main cause of the muscle pains is a small blood vessels damaging, which disrupts blood circulation and muscle tissue nourishing. Creams and ointments help not only reduce pain but normalize intercellular exchanging processes and boost blood circulation.



What creams can reduce pain in legs

All the muscle painkillers can be distinguished into two categories: heating and cooling.

In accordance with the composition, the categories of creams, gels and ointments are the following:

  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory ointments are effective if pain provoked with inflammatory process;
  • Analgesics are effective in reducing of every type of pain, but they don’t remove the reason of its developing;
  • Muscle relaxants reduce pain by relaxing muscle tissue and restoring blood circulation;
  • Cartilage protectors are used then pain is provoked with joint disruption;
  • Heating ointments and creams reduce pain by improving blood circulation and commonly used for treating sports traumas and injures.

Cream Ca-Vitactive for active life by Repharm

How do pain relief creams and ointments work?

Pain relief creams and ointments reduce legs pain with the following ways like blood circulation boosting, tissue nourishing, damaging tissues restoring, inflammation and swelling reducing, blood vessels strengthening, tencion removing.

The company Repharm, a producer of the natural cosmetics, designed bisphosphonic-based series of cosmetic products, which is effective in pain relief and its prophylactic. Amongst them is the cream for active life Ca-Vitactive. Bisphosphonates in its composition balance intracellular metabolic processes, relief pain, remove swellings and muscle tension. The cream helps remove some muscular issues and boost movement activity.

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