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    Bisphosphonates and Their Medical Application

    1 Apr 2017 г.

    Bisphosphonates belong to the class of the medical substances preventing the bones tissue loss add used for the osteoporosis prophylactics and treatment. International clinical trials approved that bisphosphonates use largely reduces bones fractures number during the osteoporosis. Besides that, bisphosphonates are used in treatment the following conditions:

    • Osteitis;
    • Periostitis;
    • Bone tumor metastasis
    • Multiple myeloma
    • Primary hyperparathyroidism.

    Indications for use bisphosphonic medications are all conditions that cause the bone fragility. Using bisphoshponates is also indicated for treatment the spinal issues and joint conditions. Local use of the bisphosphonate medicine shows good results for bursitis, arthritis, tendinitis, generative disc diseases treatment etc. These medical substances have also a beneficial impact while reducing pain, swellings and inflammations resulted by the mechanical traumas like stretching, bruising, sprains etc.

    The list of the bisphosphonate benefits can be extended with their ability to slow down the aging process. Applying bisphosphonic creams can keep the skin’s youth, softness and elasticity.

    Lecture about the Bisphosphonates Use

    Bisphosphonic Repharm creams

    • KSICREAM CA-CONTROL Calcium Body Cream

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    • CA-VITACTIVE Calcium Body Cream

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    Bisprophonic application principles

    The bone tissue in human body continuously regenerates by the cells of two different kinds: the osteoblast cells create new bone tissue while the osteoclast cells destroy old bone tissue. In normally functioning process the number of destroying cells is regulated by their self-annihilation, but some diseases lead to their population growth. The bisphosphonates’ use is aimed to the balancing of this homeostasis.

    Bisphosphonates are the artificial alternative of the natural calcium intracellular regulation cells, it is its unique benefit. Bisphosphonates are able to hold calcium ions by the chelate structure so the connection of calcium and bisphosphonate molecules blocks calcium depositing in joints and soft tissues.

    Bisphosphonic sporting Repharm creams

    Bisphosphonic medical remedies

    There are two kinds of bisphosphonic products, nitrogen-free and nitroge-containing ones.


    Nitrogen-free bisphosphonates

    • Tiludronate that improves the bone’s density and is used for treatment of the fractures and bones deforming conditions of any nature.
    • Etidronate is used for treatment of the osteoporosis, hypocalcemia, oncological conditions.
    • Clodronate is indicated for treatment of leukemia, lymphoma, bones metastasis, it prevents bone tissue from destroying.


    Nitrogen-containing bisphosphonates

    • Alendronic acid stimulates the bone tissue restoring, balances the metabolic and resorption processes. Indicated for use in cases of malignant hypercalcemia, osteitis deformans, postmenopausal osteoporosis;
    • Zolendronic acid is used for the osteoclasts’ oppression;
    • Clodronic acid is used for killing pain and preventing fractures;
    • Ibadronic acid is used in postmenopausal period in combination with hormonal replacement therapy.

    The Media Publications about Bisphosphonates

    Bisphosphonic cosmeceutical products

    Cosmeceutical bisphosphonic products exclude side effects occurring and indicsted for continuous use. These cosmetic products are the following:

    • KSICREAM contains the bisphosphonic ingredients that reduce the calcium depositing in the soft tissues and joints and regulate the calcium exchange and reduce pain. Effective in the complex treatment of the osteoporosis, generative disc disease, artritis etc.
    • Ca-Vitactive cream reduces occurring of the insoluble calcium salts depositing, encourage the tissues’ regeneration and restores the motion activity
    • AKSINIA cream regulates the mineral exchange, prevents calcium salts from crystallization, improves blood microcirculation.
    • Aksinia Ca-Interactive Anti-Arthritis Sodium Hyaluronate Body Cream

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    • KSIGEL CA-CONTROL Rosemary Calcium Body Cream

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    Bisphosphonic Products

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