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    What way does calcium lead to the wrinkles developing?

    17 Apr 2017 г.

    Calcium is one of the most important macroelements in the human body. It holds the 5th place in quantity at the body after oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen. Calcium daily intake is 800 – 1200 mg, gross weight in average is nearly 1,5 kg.


    What does calcium do in human body

    Calcium is a main construction material in human body. More than 90% of calcium is in the bones, the rest is distributed between blood, soft issues and internal organs. Calcium is responsible for health and proper functioning of locomotor system and takes part in the numerous vital processes. Due to its high activity, this chemical element protects body from toxic action radionuclides and heavy metals and excretes them after entering the body.

    Calcium is a regulator of osmotic pressure, ionic equilibrium, cell membranes permeability. It takes part in nerve impulse transmission, holds the heart functioning stability, responsible for blood clotting and teeth and bones mineralization.

    Calcium in cooperation with vitamin C is engaged in producing of collagen and some other components of connective tissues, which are responsible for skin youth and health. This microelement strengthens blood vessel walls and prevents some skin disorder developing. Lack of calcium leads to sin laxity, exfoliating, irritation, intensive wrinkle developing.


    The main reasons of calcium shortage

    The World Health Organization had found that lack of calcium is a most widespread microelement deficit, more than 1 billion people around the world have it. One of the most valuable causes of calcium shortage is a lack of vitamin D, which takes part in calcium homeostasis. Different types of diet also contribute to calcium metabolism, because lack of this element in food and water during diets or hunger therapy may be a cause of its deficit.

    Calcium disbalance can occur as a result of different gastrointestinal disorders like dysbacteriosis, candidiasis, food allergy etc. Except these reasons it can also be the following ones:

    • endocrine disorders;
    • kidney disease;
    • pancreas disorders;
    • the other elements surplus, which can substitute calcium like zinc, magnesium, iron;
    • some special periods of life like pregnancy, puberty, menopause;
    • continuous stress
    • prolonged medication intake of special types like diuretics or purge;
    • over consumption of caffeine, smoking;
    • postsurgical or posttraumatic periods.

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    The calcium shortage symptoms

    The symptoms of the calcium shortage are the following:

    • skin dryness and flaccidness;
    • nails brittleness;
    • loss of hair;
    • musculoskeletal disorders like bones brittleness, pain or muscular twitching;
    • teeth and gingiva disorders like dental caries or parodontosis;
    • vulnerability to viral diseases due to immune disorders;
    • allergy;
    • weakness and tiredness;
    • poor blood clotting;
    • central nervous system disorders etc.

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    How to balance the calcium homeostasis in skin

    As previously noted, the lack of calcium is a main reason of skin deterioration, its blood vessel thinning, loosing the elasticity, dryness, flaccidness, wrinkles appearing etc. While taking the calcium restoring therapy, which can include the calcium medicine intake and special diet, a calcium-based cosmetic products usage for the calcium balance restoring can be extremely useful.

    A good example of the anti-wrinkle calcium-based cream is a face cream Aksinia by Repharm. It reduces number of wrinkles and smoothens them, prevents timeless skin fading, moisturizes, nourishes skin and removes its overtone.  The active ingredients of this cream are natural regulators of mineral homeostasis, which encourages skin regeneration and epidermal cells renovation and rejuvenates skin.

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