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    Cosmetic products with bisphosphonates

    11 Apr 2017 г.

    Medicines based on bisphosphonates are multifunctional and effective medicinal products, the importance of which cannot be overestimated. They act as #1 treatment of bones diseases, normalize calcium metabolism, remove salts and prevent their accumulation in tissues, are used in complex therapy of cancer, relieve pain and neutralize inflammation.

    Among the list of disorders when bisphosphonates can be useful, are the following: osteoporosis, myelomatosis, osteochondrosis, arthrosis, hypocalcemia, primary hyperparathyroidism, imperfect osteogenesis and others.

    The effect of medicines with bisphosphonates and their types

    The principle of these medicines’ action is based on their ability to suppress bone tissue destroying cells. Their structure contains two phosphonates. The active molecule of this substance is a selectively created analogue of natural intercellular bone tissue component. Taking part in bone tissue metabolism, the bisphosphonate molecule conjoins with calcium ions and gets into the bone structure. These substances accumulate in bones and form their hardness, prevent their fragility and reduces the risk of fractures.

    Today there exist several groups of bisphosphonates in medicine and each of them has proved its efficiency in treating various diseases:

    • simple bisphosphonates (first generation);
    • amino bisphosphonates (second generation);
    • creams based on bisphosphonate complexes.

    Publications in the mass media about bisphosphonates

    Bisphosphonates of the first generation

    Bisphosphonates of the first generation differ from other groups by the nitrogen-free structure (nitrogen-free bisphosphonates). They have fewer properties than the nitrogenic ones but, nevertheless, they are very effective in treating and preventing diseases concerned with bone resorption.

    To the first generation of bisphosphonates belong the following medicine products:

    • Tiludronate (Tiludronic acid, Skelid). It is indicated for treatment of Paget disease, not indicated for infantile osteoporosis;
    • Etidronate (Etidronic acid, Didronel, Pleostat, Xydifon). The most effective at hypercalcemia, some oncological diseases, Paget disease. It is successfully used in the treatment of osteoporosis;
    • Clodronate (Clodronic acid, Bonefos, Sindronate, Klobir). Is used to treat osteoporosis, hypocalcemia, to prevent bones metastases formation.

    Bisphosphonates of the second generation

    Amino bisphosphonates differ from the previous group by a nitrogen content (nitrogen bisphosphonates). They have wider range of properties and high efficiency. This category is represented by the following products:

    • Ibandronate (Bonviva, Bondronate). Is effective in treating and preventing of osteoporosis, hypocalcemia at bone metastases;
    • Alendronate (Strongos, Fosamax, Tevanate, Froza). Is indicated to treat all kinds of osteoporosis, hypocalcemia, Paget disease;
    • Risedronate (Risedronic acid, Actonel, Risendros, Risarteva). Is used to treat Paget disease and all kinds of osteoporosis;
    • Zolendronate (Aclasta, Zometa). Has a selective action on bone tissue. Is used to treat hypocalcemia, caused by development of some malignant tumors, and to reduce risk of fractures.

    Лекция Рефарм о применении бисфосфонатов

    Creams based on bisphosphonate complex

    In the variety of bisphosphonate-based products, creams and mouth washes with an active ingredient (bisphosphonate) should be pointed out. Unlike tablets, oral or injective solutions, in the form of which the above-mentioned medicines are produced, creams don’t have any side effects. They can be long-term used, and this is important in treatment of osteoporosis, osteochondrosis and other diseases of musculoskeletal system. The attractive price of these products is their beneficial factor. In this group are the following products:

    • cream AKSINIA. It is used to normalize calcium metabolism, to remove salts and to prevent their accumulation, to relieve pain and reduce inflammation;
    • «KSIcream». It is effective in combined therapy of osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, arthritis, prevents crystallization and accumulation of calcium salts, reduces pain, inflammation, muscle spasm, regulates calcium metabolism;
    • cream Ca-vitactive. It is indicated in combined therapy of osteochondrosis and osteoporosis. Regulates calcium metabolism on the cellular level, increases bone mineral density, prevents accumulation of insoluble calcium salts, reduces pain and inflammation;
    • mouth wash Ksident. Forms a protection layer and prevents odontatrophy. Strengthens tooth enamel, removes dental scale, reduces inflammation, prevents dental plaque.

    Professor of A.A. Bogomolets National Medical University Degtyareva L.V.

    Larisa Degtyareva, The professor of Bogomolets National Medical University

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