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    Which Anti-Cellulite Cream Is More Effective

    27 Sep 2017 г.

    Cellulite is one of the main cosmetic problems, with which almost every second woman faces every day. ‘Orange peel’ provides many problems not only to women with excess weight, but also to those who do not have such problem, and even to the category of skinny girls.


    Why cellulite appears and how to struggle against it

    The presence of cellulite is not necessarily related to overeating or abuse of junk food, although it also provides an aggravating factor. Such phenomenon is based on metabolic disorders in subdermis, which can be caused by various reasons. Among which the insufficient water intake, harmful addictions, sedentary lifestyle, wearing of uncomfortable shoes and clothing, lack of vitamins, as well as various diseases of internal organs and endocrine system.

    The strategy of struggling against cellulite depends on the stage of its progression. If the ‘orange peel’ only starts to appear, it will be enough to use good anti-cellulite cream, eat more vegetables and fruits, and regulate the water intake schedule. In case of more severe stages, the third and the fourth, you should use a special set of measures: massage, diet, physical activity, intensive care of problem areas with the help of wrapping. Regardless of the stage of cellulite, anti-cellulite cream should be applied during any complex of procedures directed against such defect. The successful result largely depends on the high quality, balanced product content and its correct application.

    Anti-cellulite Cosmetic Products by Repharm

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    How to apply anti-cellulite cream

    As a rule, we do not have enough time or money to visit beauty or massage salons. Therefore, in the majority of cases, the struggle against cellulite is limited to the use of anti-cellulite cream or the application of cream with home massage and wrapping. It is also great and even in many cases it provides a successful result. At the same time, you should remember the basic application rules of anti-cellulite products:

    • the majority of anti-cellulite creams provides a drainage effect. In order to accelerate the process of stagnant liquid removal, the usual rate of water intake per day should be increased by at least half a liter. In total, you should drink 2 – 2.5 liters of clean water per day;
    • you should use cream in courses every day but not from time to time: in the morning and evening during two weeks. Repeat the courses every two weeks, depending on the problem stage;
    • apply cream only on clean skin, otherwise it will be much more difficult for useful elements to penetrate into the deep layers of epidermis through the layer of dust and dirt;
    • if you want to significantly enhances the effect, peel your skin before cream application;
    • do not simply rub the cream over the skin with stroking movements, rub it rather intensively, as thus, you activate blood circulation and allow the cream useful substances to penetrate into the deep skin compartments. In such case, the use of elementary home massage techniques will be a significant advantage.


    Which anti-cellulite cream is more effective?

    Among the most active components of anti-cellulite cream are such elements as caffeine, pepper, camphor, extracts of horse chestnut and brown algae, essential oils of lemon, geranium, sage and eucalyptus. They provide a warming effect, regulate metabolism, remove toxins and slags, excess liquid, create skin tone, and prevent the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

    Peptide compounds have created a furor in cosmetology in the struggle against cellulite. These are natural elements, chains of amino acids that can penetrate deep into the skin, split fat accumulations, regenerate damaged cells and regulate metabolism.

    Repharm Company is a manufacturer of natural skin care products, which provides among a large variety of phytocosmetics anti-cellulite series of creams based on peptide and bisphosphonate complexes. These products have a balanced composition of the most effective anti-cellulite components. This cream line includes such creams as Peptidele, Pepper Thermo-massage and 90-60-90. They have proven their high efficacy in clinical testing and practical application, and have already received a large number of positive reviews from experts, specialists of beauty and massage salons, as well as ordinary users.

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